Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s) Sky (nickname)
Age 216 (physically 16)
Home Fantasia Valley
Occupation(s) Guardian of Victory
Morality Good
Gender Male
Race Human/Spirit
Eye Color Sky blue
Hair Color Silver
Relative(s) Ariana (sister)
Affiliation(s) Spiritina
Allies Ariana, Ray, and Spiritina
Enemies Serpentine
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Can create shields and use light.
Equipment Sword
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Sepehr is the Guardian of Victory. He is role played by Skyebreeze.


  • Sepehr was known as "Sky" because of his eyes and like his sister, he has silver hair. He wears sea-colored robe with dark pants.


Sepehr is the younger brother of Ariana, the Silver Maiden. He and his sister were orphaned when they were babies and passed on to different homes throughout this small village that they were born in. As the years past, the two of them began to depend on each other for support and lived with the elder of the village. His sister Ariana left to this castle in the distance and returned horrified for within the castle was a snake-like creature named Serpentine who seeks to claim her as his own. Ariana then explained that there was a young servant boy whom she fell in love with named Ray and he helped her escape from the castle.

When Sepehr was older, he heard stories about the same castle and that several maidens were taken there and were never seen again. Curiosity took over him and Sepehr went to the castle and that is where he met Spiritina, a young servant girl working under Serpentine. Spiritina looked similar to his sister and he wanted to know more about her. As time went on throughout his stay at the castle, Sepehr and Spiritina got closer together and desired to see the world.

After sneaking out of the castle through the help of Ray, Sepehr and Spirit meet up with Ariana and tried to concoct a plan in which to free Spiritina and the other girls from Serpentine's grasp. One night, Serpentine tried to claim Spirit and Ariana, but Sepehr put himself in between them. Then Spirit cast an illusion spell on Serpentine, buying them time for everyone to escape.



  • Sepehr's love interest. She wasn't sure at first when they first met, but over time, they began to fall in love.


  • Sepehr's older sister and best friend.


  • Sepehr is one of the main characters along with Spiritina to be from a story I made for one of my college classes.


Spiritina and her friends

Spiritina, Sepehr, Ariana (older sister), and Ray


Sepehr main outfit

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