Biographical Information
Full Name Serena Celeste
Other Name(s) Twinkle Toes
Age 312 (physically 12)
Birthplace On Constellation Lyra
Home Fantasia Valley
Occupation(s) Dancer
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Star Fairy
Eye Color Blue-Green
Hair Color Midnight Blue
Relative(s) Symphony (older sister) Sirius and Xavier (older brothers)
Affiliation(s) Symphony
Enemies Orick the Slayer
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Starlight
Weakness(es) Lead
Equipment Ribbon wand
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Serena Celeste is the baby sister of Symphony Rose Celeste and is role-played by Skyebreeze.


Serena is the youngest of five children in the Celeste family. Serena loved to be with her older siblings and goes wherever they went. She danced constantly, most of the time on her toes like a ballerina so she was called "Twinkle Toes." Serena was four years old, when the family moved from their mansion to a small three-room cottage so she doesn't remember much of the family's original home. She tries to lift her older siblings' spirits with her ability to dance and the twirling her ribbon wand. Six years later, Serena's grandfather, Damieon, left the family in searching of a way to improve their fortune and home. After Damieon left, Orick the Slayer appeared and cursed her grandmother and started terrorizing the family.

After two years, Orick stopped tormenting the family for some reason, but destroyed the family's means to travel. Arnet and Lyvia decided to search for a place to create a house and the children should see the world. After settling down in a house in Fantasia Valley Orick returned and only succeeded in killing the parents, but he was sent far away from the planet. Serena, the older twins, and Symphony live together in a house in Fantasia Valley with their sleeping Grandma.


  • Serena knows all types of dance from all parts of the world and uses dance as a form of exercise. Her main dance style is classical ballet. On occasion, she would improvise her dancing into a method of fighting against her opponent. She is a big animal lover; she has posters of animals and plushies of different animals, next to posters of ballet performances.


Symphony Rose Celeste

  • Serena's older sister. Symphony is protective of her baby sister and acts like a mother-figure to her. Symphony plays music and Serena dances to her music and sings along with her.

Sirius and Xavier Celeste

  • Serena's older brothers. Sirius acts like a father-figure to Serena and teaches her how to bake. Xavier is the one who gave her the nickname, "Twinkle Toes," and plays and dances with Serena the most.


  • Serena's Birthday is April 2nd.
  • Serena began to dance when she was two.


  • Lyvia (mother), Arnet (father), and Alima (eldest sister)
  • Symphony (older sister) Sirius and Xavier (older brothers), and Serena herself
  • Swanika (grandmother)
  • Damieon (grandfather)
  • Secondary
  • Ballerina Serena
  • Serena winter
  • Serena's human disguise, Anna Marie
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