Biographical Information
Full Name Shennong
Alias Divine Farmer
Other Name(s) Seth
Age Unknown (psychically seems around 30)
Birthplace Garden of Eden
Home Garden of Herbal
Occupation(s) Guardian of Health
Morality Good
Gender Male
Race Immortal


Eye Color Black
Hair Color White
Relative(s) MIM (old friend)

Dementer (Wife) Adam and Eve (Parent) Cain and Abel (Brothers)

Affiliation(s) Nil
Allies Guardians
Minions Ginseng Spirit
Enemies Pitch Black

Slenderman Pestilence

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Farming Magic

Season Control

Weakness(es) Dementer
Equipment Vine Whip
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Shennong is a Guardian of Health. He is the legendary divine farmer in Chinese mythology. His actual identity is Seth. Third son of Adam and Eve. He owns a herbal garden and a second garden of Eden. He has been offer a seat in the Guardian Alliance but has turn down the offer. He is a Guardian who dislikes social with other Guardians. He is also the only Guardian who has influence in west and east culture. Caretaker of Universe Garden


Shennong appears as a young handsome man in his 30's. He is the one of the oldest humans that have ever been alived. He always seems to wear green and possess white hair. He wear a kimono all the time. He has a lay back attitude. Everything to him is easy and happy go lucky.


Shennong comes from the west. After Cain's and Abel's incident, he was born and his farming skill was great. His offspring continue through many centuries. As he grow older, he travel around the world. He learn farming from Adam and Eve, then he combine his wisdom he learn from the eastern country. He became the deity of Agriculture. Upon seeing his offspring struggle to survive, he taught them how to grow fruit, grain and other vegetables.


In some point of the timeline, Chang Er found out that her husband obtain the immortal pill from Shennong and visit him. She wished to invite him into the Alliance but he decline the offer.

Shennong lives in a herbal garden. He plants and grows vegetables all day. He distribute apples to daily market. Every children who eat his apple become healthy.

He is the first to introduce to Jack when Toothiana was poisoned by Pestilence. The only person who could save her was Shennong. They visit him for an antitode.

He is later shown briefly during the birth of Slenderman. His apple turn into purple color. He was greatly hint by Queen Mary as the most delicious apple were in his garden.

During Queen Elizabeth reign, he was still able to grow plants despite total ice ages and cold zones.

He turned his wife into a tree after losing a fight to the Four Horsemans. His wife has been turn into a tree from prevending from dying. The poison is still killing her slowly even after in a tree state.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a deity and one of the oldest mortal alive, he is very powerful. He appears to be far too powerful as a divine farmer. It is later revealed that his marriage with Goddess Dementer has greatly increase his power.


Dementer turning into tree

Farming Magic -  He possesses and learn this ability from his parents. He is able to grow any vegetables and fruits in an second. All his plant possesses special attribute.

Season Control - He is able to conjure a season ring around his land. Mother Nature has no authority on his ground. He turn winter into a spring in an instant to save his plants from dying during the second ice age.

Herbal Knowledge - He possesses incredible knowledge of poisons and herbals. He is shown to cure Toothiana with using only a red lotus tea leaf. He is also shown to distantly induce all his plants of poison when locust came to eat his grain and corn.

Whip Mastery - He is shown to use a vine whip professionally.



They seem to know each other as Shennong plant a lot of Night Blooming flowers. He uses the magical tea leaf that absorb moonlight to cure people.


Pitch visit him once for the magical bean. He was quickly send away.

Dementer Edit

He loves his wife and tries to fight a cure for her.


  • You know tea makes you calmer.
  • Apple a day keeps the evil away.
  • My family don't like apples that much.

Creation ConceptEdit

Guardian Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


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