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Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s)
Age Old enough to know when to fight, but young enough not to quite understand the world
Occupation(s) Guardian of Friendship
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Whatever color you want
Hair Color Any color you want
Allies Ember

Valentin girl
Pretty much anyone, so long as they don't do anything I don't like

Enemies Anyone who messes with the very essence of friendship
Powers and Abilities
Weakness(es) Doing crazy things when people try to bring others down
Equipment Awesome looking ring and my perceptions
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Whatever you tell me, whatever you do, I won't think less of you, or make fun of you, just know that, okay? And I will always try and help you with whatever you need.


Role-played by Sibunafoeye.

Appearance Edit

Well, look at the picture smarty! :D


Sibunafoeye is friendly and is always willing to help another in need. She doesn't judge a book by it's cover   which is to say she won't judge anyone until she gets to know them. She won't push you into anything you don't want to do or say, and she also won't pry into other people's private matters. 


As of now, it is presently unknown what the background of Sibunafoeye is.

Weapons and PowersEdit

Sibunafoeye's powers are being able to read a person by a glance, meaning she can tell whether or not they need help, or just a friend. She can also help mend rifts in people's friendships. In case of danger, she has a ring with a sliver band, decorated with a pearl in the middle, and two dark blue gems, no bigger than a drop of water. These gems are beside the pearl. This ring can turn into any weapon Sibunafoeye puts her mind to.


Ember: She's awesome, and is an awesome friend. :D

Blake: He's cool, and very helpful. He is also an amazing friend as well. Just maybe not as awesome as Ember...;)

Valentin girl: Awesome person. She introduced me to this wiki, and helped me realize I am the Guardian of Friendship.

Guardians: Cool guys. Awesome really.

Pitch: Honestly, I feel a little bad for him. Because like so many villians, he had something bad happen to him, making him turn against the good in the world. 

Maria: And now introducing *drum roll* Maria! Some of you may have met her already. She is my little sister, and beyond annoying. But I love her all the same. 

(Sorry if I didn't name everyone of the people I've met, it gets a little complicated for me to remember. If you'd like me to include you, please come and ask me)


  • "Whatever you tell me, whatever you do, I won't think less of you, or make fun of you, just know that, okay? And I will always try and help you with whatever you need."   Sibunafoeye to Ember
  • "There will always be people that say mean words because you're either different, or because they're jealous. And sometimes their minds can't be changed. But there are many more people that don't judge a person based on how they look, or where they came from. Those are the people whose words truly matter."   Sibunafoeye to a friend


  • Sibunafoeye can be called Sib, Sibuna, Sibby, and any other nickname you can think of.
  • You can try and be mean to her, but she won't care what you say, nor will she get hurt by what you say.
  • She won't jump to any conclusions of anyone, or anything without knowing the facts first.
  • Sibunafoeye's name spells something when read in the correct way.
  • Though it is shown that Sibunafoeye wears a dress, she typically doesn't. 
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