SiriusXLupita (Lirius) is a royal couple between the characters Sirius and Lupita.
Sirius and Lupita

Sirius and Lupita together as King and Queen of the Hidden Forest.

How they met

Lupita met Sirius after Symphony and Fran invited her to Fantasia Valley. Lupita was dumbstruck when she first saw him and took her quite a while to compose herself. Sirius was very polite towards her and gladly showed her around the castle. When she transformed into a wolf, he was very impressed and from then on, took great interest into her, ultimately turning into a strong relationship. When they, together with Symphony, Fran, Xavier and Mercy went to face Orick and Daeva, Sirius' concern and care for Lupita manifested, especially when she nearly fainted due to Daeva and Orick ruining the Forest. When Sirius got struck by Orick's blow, Lupita immediately went to his aid, where he professed his love for her. Their bond began to grow and Lupita chose him as King of the Hidden Forest. After facing Nazreen, two of them and their friends encountered Lavernia, Daeva's niece and Mercy's estranged cousin. Lavernia cast a sleeping spell on Lupita and tried to take her to Orick, but was stopped by Sirius. Lavernia attempted to hypnotise him and make him forget about Lupita, but he was immune to her hypnosis. Lavernia told the group that the spell that she got from her aunt had no cure, but Sirius refused to give up and kissed Lupita. The love within his heart overpowered the spell and awakened Lupita. Lavernia left, but started to make plan to have Sirius for herself and remove Lupita. Lupita and Sirius' bond of love continued to grow and they began to think and talked about how they feel toward each other.

Lupita's POV

I think Sirius is perhaps the sweetest guy around. He always puts others before him and is extremely caring to those he loves. I just love to hear him laugh whenever I say or do something funny. And I just absolutely adore his brownies. I do not find it funny to call him "Dog Star Boy" instead of his given name. I'll do what l can to protect him.

Sirius' POV

Lupita is an amazing girl and wonderful friend. She fights for the well being of others and seems to enjoy my company. Her smile is so inviting and she enjoys my food. We both care about others and animals alike. I get angry when our enemies call her "Wolfie or Queenie," instead of her given name. I will do what I can to protect her from harm.


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    Lupita's engagement ring

  • Due to their relationship, Sirius automatically becomes King of the Hidden Forest.
  • Sirius is the only one who knows of Lupita's allergies.
  • They frequently call each other with affectionate names.
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