Biographical Information
Full Name Slenderman
Other Name(s)
Age Unknown
Birthplace Unknown Forest
Home Everywhere
Occupation(s) Counter Guardian
Morality Evil
Gender Male
Race Dark Elemental
Eye Color None
Hair Color None
Relative(s) Author HHH (Creator)
Affiliation(s) Follower of Pain
Enemies Guardians
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Darkness Manipulation

Tentacles Extension Teleportation

Weakness(es) Light Magic
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Slenderman is a encounter Guardian alias himself with no one. He is newly born evil entity from the worldwide belief. He did not live in a fixed place. He feeds on fear and display high interest in children.


Slenderman appears to be a tall thin figure. He always appears dressed in a suit. He has no face and always murmuring to himself. He has eight tentacles that appear behind his back. His appearance is manifest according to world wide belief.


Unknown since when a lore started up on the internet, the lore spread wide across the world. It was probably just a prank. However with enough belief from all the children over the world, Slenderman manifest into existence. He always stalks children at behind and waiting chances to act.


Upon Slenderman's manifest into the world, all the Guardians detect his presence. All the Cricket Communication of Pinocchio broke off. All teddy's stood still and became alert, all candles enchant by Lady Catrina were blown off. The firework stop at China. Talisman Necklace glow acorss Thailand. Groundhog woke up from his sleep. Even Pitch felt his presence and shiver.

First encounter with Slenderman located at Mexico was with Mr.Turkey. Turkey notice a dark figure just stood still and watch children in empty emotion. Mr. Turkey try to engage, however Slenderman got away easily.

Turkey report this incident to the Guardian Alliance. They issue a wanted warrant to catch Slenderman alive. Second encounter with Slenderman located at Japan was with Kintaro. He almost killed Kintaro in the fight and was interfere by Chai Shen in time.

Since then Slenderman has not make an appearance, Guardian Alliance has classify his existence at class A Danger, Wanted warrant still stands till today. The Alliance believes, if enough fear has been collected by Slenderman, the true demon like Max will be come into exist.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a newly born entity, Slenderman appears to be very powerful. His existence is enough to make every monster and Guardian on Earth shiver.

Darkness Manipulation -  He didn't show much of using the darkness ability. However dark energy keeps leaking from his body.

Tentacles Extenstion - His tentacles can extend to a certain limit. He appears to be able to control at free will. This is shown he outmatch Kintaro who is an expert in fighting easily.  

Fear Manipulation - Where he is, children shiver in fear without reason.

Teleportation - He is able to teleport at will to any place on Earth. He terrorizes children by stalking them.



Pitch is trying to locate him to recruit him against the Guardians.


Guardian AllianceEdit

They regard him as Class A Danger entity. They have put out a warrant to all the Guardians to bring him down. They believe he might become the second true demon.

Author HHHEdit

Creator of Slenderman. He supposed to be just another little minion of his work. Unexpected to even him, he loses control of his creation. It break free from his bound.


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Creation ConceptEdit

Counter Guardian Create by Jona. Original Idea and photo goes to its rightful owner. Please do comment.


The photo come from [1]

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