Biographical Information
Full Name Sophia Bennett
Alias The prophet
Other Name(s)
Age 26
Birthplace Burgess (Future)
Home Fortune shop
Occupation(s) Prophet
Morality Good neutral
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Affiliation(s) Watcher
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Prophecy

Card Magic

Weakness(es) Human Limit
Equipment Tarot Card
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Sophia is a believer. She is known by people as the prophet. She lives in a town next to Burgess. Her mission is to stop the destruction of the world.

Appearance Edit

Sophia appears to be a woman in her late 20's. She has curly brown hair and dark eye bags. She always looks like she haven't sleep in a few months. She always seem wearing a robe.

Background Edit

Sophia`s true name is Sophia Bennett. She is great granddaughter of Sophie Bennett. She is a train fortune teller where she see the future where the world has been destroyed. She journeys alone around the world to stop the destruction of the world. Jamie descendant became a Legend Hunter while Sophie descendant become a prophet.

Story Edit

At one lonely night beside the town of Burgess, a thunder strike down from a universe and a time hole open. A woman arrived in the small town searching and destined to stop the destruction of the world. In the harsh world, she opens a fortune teller shop to act as her secret base.

In the timeline of past, she meet several people, Guardians and villians who will act a role in the destruction of the world.

The Fool - Zarlak

The Magician

The High priestess - Olivia

The Emperor - Pitch Black

The Empress

The Pope

The Lover - Valentina Love & Alexander Chill

The Chariot

The Strength - Phoenix Nova

The Hermit - Watcher

The Wheel of Fortune

The Justice

The Hanged Man

The Death - Elvira

The Temperance - Salem

The Devil - Lucinda

The Tower

The Star

The Sun - Sun in Sky

The Moon - Man in the Moon

The Judgement - Reality

The World

Powers and Abilities Edit

As Sophia is a human from the future, she isn't much of a fighter.

Prophecy - She can tell one future just by looking in their eye.

Card Magic As a believer, she is able to ultize the power from the four symbols of tarot: The Cup, The Coin, The sword, The Wand. She is shown to summon the holy grail to repel great evil. She also shown to use the coin to buy her chances to save the world with time travelling. By summoning the Wand, she is able to increase her accurancy of her future sight.

Relationships Edit

Watcher Edit

She is seem to be in good term with the Watcher. She is the only person watcher lets into the world library.


  • The destined one.
  • You must believe!
  • I saw the end. Your end too.

Creation Concept Edit

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.

Trivia Edit

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