I have a big family but no one knows, except me of course, the English words that you people speak

—Stephen Kulong

Stephen Kulong
Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s) Kuta, nerd, Four Eyes (as Prince Garreth calls him)
Age 21
Home Razul
Morality Good
Gender Male
Race Human

Underwater 'human'

Eye Color red
Hair Color red
Relative(s) Lok, Kira (father, mother)

Boli, Dip, Moni, Kilre, Liara, Tume, Hala

Allies His family
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Can create any weapon from water
Weakness(es) Heat and no water
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Stephen Kulong is role-played by Valentin girl.

About himEdit

Stephen Kulong looks like a normal boy, but in reality, he is not. Just like his family, he is a Underwater person. He can breath underwater as he can breath with air, but just for some hours. His clothes are bright and mixed up, like his personality. He is open hearted, a bit hyperactive and very wise. His brothers call him a nerd, but sometimes, his knowledge and wisdom can be too much for those who don't understand physics, gravity, wildlife and other things. And sometimes, he can be a very self-centered, when it comes to wisdom.

His hair and eyes are red, his shirt is yellow, wears a dark red belt, and slight dark blue jeans with bright brown shoes and wears a purple tie. His skin color is light brown, like all the others of his brothers and sisters. But his clothes change, when he goes back into the water, it becomes a suit, that can prevent water to come inside of his body. He wears his dark blue glasses all the time, but he can lose them as well.

His family comes from the underwater world, named Razul. His normal language is Hulangar, which has very difficult words for those that don't understand. But he can speak English and German very well, to communicate to others and he is the only one who can speak them.

Stephen is his English name, when his real name is Kuta. He didn't like his first English name, which was Karl, so he changed it. The 21 year old boy is very naive when it goes to the upper world. In the past, when he was a small child, he always thought, what goes up above the water, but his father told him as his other children, that it is too dangerous to go out from the water. Kuta (Stephen) did follow his father rules, just for some days, but couldn't ignore it. So, one time, when everyone was playing their own game, he went near the opening and looked out of the water. He was impressed by everything he saw: the mountains, the forests, the grass, etc. But he didn't know that one of his brothers followed him and when he saw where Stephen was going, he went back to his parents and told everything to his father.

Lok was very mad at his son for not following the rules and he waited till his son came back from his little adventure. Lok was mad at Kuta and he yelled at him for the reason. Kuta waited a moment, so his father would relax and told him about what he saw in the upper world. His father listened to him, but went angrily to his room, leaving his son by himself. The next morning, Lok came back to his naive, adventurous son and told him, that he can go above the water and investigate it, if he swears, not to talk to the humans that live up there. Kuta was happy about his father suggestion and swore not to talk to the upper humans.

From that day forward, he and his brothers and sisters head out above the water, having fun and investigating everything. But a tragedy came to their family. Their mother died, when she gave birth to the last child. They saw their mother dead on the birth bed, when their father had the baby in his arms. It was a small light blue girl, they gave her the name: Hala and it means 'Lucky' in English.

His familyEdit


Lok is the name of his father. He is well known to everyone in Razul, because he is very demanding, strong and likes to put up some jokes from the 'upper' world. His wife, Kira, died, when she gave birth to her last child. And from that day, Lok is in charge for everything, especially to not give up on his children.


Is the wife of Lok and a mother of 8 children. She died, when she gave birth to her last child.


Boli is Stephen's/Kuta's first big brother. He is a warrior, like the others. They all can create their own weapon, just out of water, because they have that kind of a ability. On the other side, Boli, is known of his fighting skills.
  • (From left to right) Boli, Dip, Hala, Moni, Kilre, Tume, Liara
  • The brothers and sisters, when they are underwater
  • Stephen as a underwater human
  • Stephen's underwater suit
  • Lok (father) and Kira (mother)
  • Possible love interest
  • His Nemesis


Is his second born brother. He's known of his love for rap. He loves to rap all the time, on any location about everything: names, objects, personalities, etc.. He always calls Stephen a nerd.


Moni is the third born sister. She is very creative when she is working with water. She can create fountains or even fish or anything, that she likes.


Is the fifth brother in the family. He likes to be a warrior, like his older brother Boli.


She is the sixth born sister in the family. She likes to create lovely water clothes for herself as for her family.


He is the seventh brother. He is very shy, but likes to talk with some people that adores his poetry.


Hala is the eighth sister and she is the youngest of all. She likes to have fun, with all of her brothers and sisters, and she is really good with her ribbon, that can be her decoration for her as well a weapon. She mostly likes Kuta and his wisdom.



Fran is Stephen's newest friend. He saw her one day with her friends having fun in the lake. He likes her, but is shy and doesn't reveal his true emotions to her.

Prince GarrethEdit

He is Stephen's enemy, because one time, he kidnapped Fran and took her to his castle, as she would have been his bride. Garreth also calls Stephen, not by his real name, but Four Eyes.


Stephen's and all of his family favorite pet is, Pali, a really big sea monster. He likes to play with all, especially with Hala.


All of his family can create water spears, water shields, whips, sharp water drops and sharp stars.


  • Kigara mura tikama muss? - in English means, Did you saw my glasses?
  • Lovajur milustri goganobalusob - in English means, I am the wisest here.
  • I have a big family but no one knows, except me of course, the English words that you people speak. - Stephen

Trivia Edit

  • His birthday is on August 26th.
  • Stephen's signature color is MediumBlue.
  • The pictures of Stephen and his family were designed in Azalea dolls.
  • Stephen doesn't likes to fight with others, but he uses his mind as his weapon.
  • His cothes colors are always bright, but he sometimes wears dark colors too.
  • He likes to eat sea weed salad with oysters.
  • He and his family are all vegetarians and eats what is in the sea. But Stephen sometimes wants to try the people's food.
  • Stephen usually is losing his glasses.
  • Without his glasses Stephen sees blur all around him.
  • The difficult words I made for Stephen are because, I like making some different words.
  • Stephen mostly likes math; it's his favorite subject.
  • He talks a lot, mostly if it gets to a subject.
  • Hala (as a name) can mean: Lucky; as hala, that means luck.
  • Now Stephen and Fran are a couple, we can see them on this page: FranXStephen.
  • It is seen that Boli has some toxic blood in his vains, when Fang bite him, when Stephen didn't had or released any toxic as he was bitten before. This type of blood is deadly for the other animals or humans.


  • Stephen underwater
  • Winter clothes
  • Sleeping clothes
  • Home clothes
  • Stephen without his glasses
  • Evening clothes
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