Biographical Information
Full Name Suzy Upvote
Alias The Little Witch
Other Name(s)
Age 16
Birthplace England
Home Mansion in England
Occupation(s) White Witch
Morality Neutral
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Pink
Enemies Monster


Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Potionist

Spell Cast

Weakness(es) Zero Mana
Equipment Cute Spell book

Wooden Wand

Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Suzy is a human high school girl. She is a white witch and an amateur witchcraft. She lives in England. Friend with Abe no Hideaki. Member of the Black Shepherd. Guardian of Security


Suzy is a young human girl around age of 16 years. She has purple hair and wears black all the time. When she get serious, she will put on her pointy witch hat. She always has a gloomy look even when smiling.


Suzy is like every other girl, a normal high school girl who gets troubles with love, family, friendship, school, future and self esteem. One day, Suzy wonders into an abandon house and found a spell book. Later the house reveal to be an old mansion of Dr Henry's. The book belonged to Dr Henry when he was still a Guardian before Hyde appeared. Suzy started learning kinds of potion to solve her daily life problem. Soon, she start helping her schoolmates for their problems.


Suzy Upvote is a rich girl who lives in a big mansion. Her parents seldom came home due to work. She is insecure of her looks and never had a boyfriend. Her friends trash her at school. Her grades are the only thing barely she is proud off. She has no ambitions and is insecure of her future. Suzy is not a natural witch nor a talented one. Even with the spellbook, she can't cast any of the spells inside. She has no magic at all. However what helps her is the potion section in the spellbook. She started mixing potions and solve all her problems.

She skip one whole week from school. She changed her hair color to purple, cured her eyesight problem, cleaned all her pimple scars, make her breasts bigger, made all boys have interest in her, her popularity gotten her new friends, she is now a brand New Suzy ready to go back to school.

At some point of the timeline, she ran into Mr Wolf and Mrs Fox who tried to kidnap her friend in school. She just realize how much dangerous the supernatural world is. She started mixing some potions to defend herself.

She ran into La Llorona while her parent were not at home. Llorona pretended to be her mother and she successfully fend off the fake mother with her skill.

Later, she ran into Pink Rus in her concert. She then welcomed her into the Black Shepherd.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


As a amateur of witchcraft, she is extremely weak even compared to a start up witch apprentice. She is unable to cast any spell as she is a human with no zero magic powers.

Potionist -  She is an expert in making potions. She used this skill to even out her lack of magic.

Spell Cast - Due to her zero mana, she is unable to cast any spell. However, she learned how to cast simple spells with low mana cost. The mana she stool always ran out quickly. She is seen casting a magic bolt and blast La Llorona away then she ran out of mana.

Magic Ring - She wears a magic ring that helps her steal mana from commoner who are unaware of the supernatural to make up her zero mana.


Witch Wand - She makes a wand out of the magic tree branch. The magic wand has 3 times usage per day, as the wand can absorb mana from the surrounding. With the help of the magic ring, she can maximize its usage to 5 times a day.

Potion Ingredient Edit

As she is very rich, she can easily buy and keep stores of the ingredients she uses daily.


Her Top 10 selling quality product goes as below:

1) Dream Potion - A potion let you control your dream world. You can be your own king in your dream, Girl, guys, impossible scenario all happen in one time.

2) Popularity Potion - Suddenly everyone wants to be your friend. You will never feel lonely again.

3) Beauty Potion - Potion that turns you into a beauty or handsome in an instant. Not confident enough. Never again.

4) Genius Potion (Customize) - Grant the drinker ability to perform the task professionally. Suck at basket ball? Suck at Swimming? Suck at everything you do? It has what you need.

5) Cure Potion - Cures any illness such as fever, running nose, coughing and eye sight. Say bye bye to pain.

6) Sex Slave Potion - Making the one you like obedient to you. He will be crazy for you.

7) Memory Potion - Potion to wipe out memories. Wanna undone your mistake with someone else? Let them forget what you did.

8) Truth Potion - A potion let the one who drank it spill the truth. Secrets you wish to know. This is it.

9) Morph Potion - Sick of your life? Wanna grow up fast? Morph into someone else, experience other life.

10) Strength Potion - Grant you strength of 10 elephants. Tired of getting bullied? Tired of Household violence? Here is your solution.


Black SheperdEdit

Rus Pink invite her to join the group. She is happy that she can share her secrets with someone else.

Abe no HideakiEdit

They are both teenagers and share similar responsibility. They become friends quickly. She aids him to captrue one of the Shinigami hidings in England.

Dr Henry Edit

She has the spell book belonging to Dr Henry, although they never meet. Suzy admire his genius in writing all this formula down. Suzy draft her own verison of spell book, more cuter version and more suitable for teenagers. As Dr Henry's spell book is too offensive and old.


  • I can solve your problem.
  • Don't cry, tell me your problem.
  • I am not the old me anymore.

Creation ConceptEdit

Guardian Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


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