Te Fiti
Biographical Information
Full Name Te Fiti
Other Name(s) Mother Island
Age 10000+
Birthplace Earth
Occupation(s) Caretaker of Universe Storage
Morality Neutral
Gender Female
Race Elemental
Eye Color White
Hair Color Green (Vine)
Allies Universe Office
Minions Lesser Island
Enemies Treasure Hunter
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Terrain Control

Island Manipulation Life Creation

Weakness(es) Thief
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Te Fiti is a Mother Island. She is member of the Universe Office. Friend of Mother Nature, Caretaker of Universe Treasure Room.

Appearance Edit

Te Fiti is a giant stone female island. She appear to be 28 feet tall and her lower part of the body seem to be in the sea. Her hair is made out of trees and vines. She has a very gentle characteristics.

Background Edit

Te Fiti appear to be one of the oldest being alive on Earth. She is the first island to be exist. Universe One left a very important treasure with her. She decide to create a type of island to confuse the treasure hunters. Even since, she gain the name of Mother Island.

Story Edit

Te Fiti care deeply about humans. She makes most of the Island to be livable. When humans drown or shipwreck, Te Fiti helps them by creating a small Island to save them.

One day, someone found the treasure and stole it from her. She become furious and causing the continental drift in centurys ago. She sank into the sea and become domain for quite some time but the continental drift is still happening unless someone returns her treasure.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As one of ancient being in the world, she is consider very very poweful. No one knows her full extent.

Life Creation She is able to create life on the Island, she can create such as animals or plants.

Terrain Design She possess an ability to create Island according to her will. Her famous artwork is Harashima Island, Socotra Island, Vulcan Island, Floating Island and so on.

Island Manipulation - She is able to manipulate certain Islands to some degree. Although she is unable to completely change the landscape of the Island but she is able to cause a slow continental drift throughout the century.

Relationships Edit

Rea Edit


Rea task her to find back the treasure she lose, until then she is not allow to enter the Universe Office.

Mother Nature Edit

Mother Nature is a close friend with Te Fiti. They both know the responsibility of the power they carry.

Mikael Edit

As they are both a creation of the Universe One, Mikael sees her as rival.

Quotes Edit

  • Return my treasure.
  • Don't worrie, help will come soon.
  • No witness of the birth of an Island

Creation Concept Edit

Character is created by Jona. All copyrights goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment. The original character from Moana, Movie.

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