12 Void Lords reigns supreme across the vast emptiness of nonexistence, said to be greater than the Old Gods, they set about the path of destruction in the Glory of the Void...

—The All-Father

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Lavas'Thian - Void Lord of Piety and Despair, the most powerful of the Void Lords as he holds command over total Piety and chaotic power close to the All-Father. 

His dimension is the Enigmatic Nightmare, where never ending cries for help would be heard from all over the realm, said to be guarded by nightmarish beings even a Void Lord has problems with.

Kuv'Rianh - Void Lord of Reality and Abstract, he has the passion of an artist, creating abstract masterpieces by consuming plentiful amount of life from the other universes. Said to be the most artistic of them all, he seeks to reshape the entire Void in his image.

His dimension is Vide Ño Letras, horrific and nightmarish creatures embodied by abstract creatures. They are Kuv'Rianh's "masterpieces", they roam the realm, seeking intruders to reshape their form and turn them into utter "beauty".

Vris'Skri'Kal - Void Lord of Space and Life, she controls the most armies and outnumbers her fellow Void Lords' dimensional power. Can twist the very space of the universe, no one can escape her uneding wrath of torment and suffering.

Her dimension is the Twisted Nether, space and time is at constant war with each other, inhabited by the Twisted, beings of power capable of turning almost everything into their own, controls the realm. With the Queen of the Twisted, Vus'Skir'Kal controls over all her realms.

Grac'Vinh DeaG'Rinh -Void Lord of Guidance and Call, he called is The Grand Summoner or Leader within the depths of the Void. He can summon and control the creatures of the void along with the creatures of the other Void Lords', he is considred to be the most intelligent and cunning of them all.

His dimension is The Unknown, considered to be the ocean of the Void, many grotesque and unspeakable horrors lies within its depths. The Unknown is also inhabited by Grac'Vinh's defeated Void beings, being controlled and guarding his realm of the ocean.

Masz'Szhara - Void Lord of Time and Perpetual Judgement, unlike the other Void Lords, she is quite passive and peaceful. But many wouldn't dare anger her, not even Lavas'Thian, for it would spell "death" for those who incur her devastating wrath.

Her dimension is The Quantum Judgement, where everything is at a perpetual time loop with one another. Actions being done and undone, past turning to present and present turning to future then returns to the past. Many portals that leads to the past, present, and future can be seen within the skies of Quantum Judgement.

Par'Rion - Void Lord of Balance and Matter, being made out of pure energy of both creation and chaotic power of the void, he is able to bend or destroy any balance there is in his presense. He can destroy the principles of space, time, and reality within one spell of his voice.

His realm is the Infinite Circle, a spherical realm filled with pure energy, both divine and life giving and chaotic and death. He serves as the caretaker of the Balance of the Void and holder of the Void's ancient power and secrets.

Mal'Liirion - Void Lord of Power and Magic, residing only within the Void's most dangerous parts, he seeks the mightiest of prey and absorbs them into him, to become one with him is an absolute honor and his power will increase even further upon consumption.

His dimension is The Hunt, a jungle-like environment with trees as large as galaxies and creatures as huge as planets, this is his main hunting grounds and home for only the strongest of beasts.

Zakr'Kria - Void Lord of Wisdom and Knowledge, while Grac'Vinh is the most intelligent and cunning, Zakr'Krai would gather knowledge from every corner of the universe. Completely adding it to her mind and further extend her knowledge. She scores herself as a rival to Grac'Vinh's intelligence.

Her dimension would be The Apocrypha, said to hold almost infinite amount of books and scrolls, many tend to get easily lost and be devoured by its guardians. Floating void creatures are the main librarians of the realm and really wants to keep all things quiet.

Carr'Llion - Void Lord of Madness and Insanity, he holds a more humorous yet horrific position within the Void Lords' as their mad jester. But unlike any other jesters, this one was made to assassinate and kill, not even time would be able to record his kill streak.

His dimension is The Mad House, everything is in constant disarray and destruction. Laughter of madness can be heard throughout the realm and everyone needs to smile all the time unless they want to get killed by its guardians.

Serr'Rion - Void Lord of Truth and Dread, he is the champion of the Void Lords and also their avatar. Once a human living in a normal life as knight for his kingdom, being dragged by the All-Father by his sense of Truth and turns it into Dread, those who lie before him shall have their existence erased from reality.

His dimension is The Round Table, a dimensional castle filled with corrupted knights from all across eras of war and strife, seemingly and tirelessly pleasing for help, those would whisper a lie would face torture beyond comprehension.

Mal'Tar & Zal'Tar- Void Lord of Law and Consequence, these twins held much of the Laws of the Void and keeping them intact and well developed. These Laws are monstrous and horrific creatures created by them to help govern the chaotic environment of the Void. They are the strongest when it comes to defenses due to being gifted with the most powerful barriers in all of the Universe and the Void.

Their dimension is The Supreme Council, it fancies a council room filled with clones of themselves, those who are senteced to be innocent would be thrown back to the Void but those who are not are sent into Carr'LIions Mad House for extreme mental pain.

Gun'Ther - Void Lord of Advancement and Evolution, serving as the Void Lords' evolution master he extacts DNA from every universe the Void invades and add their sequences to the denizens of the Void to make them more powerful with each evolutionary period of their time.

His dimension is The Evolution Pit, spawing pools and evolution pools inhabits the whole realm. This is where the Void Creatures born and lay their sample DNA to make an offspring by Gun'Ther's will.

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