The Addams
Biographical Information
Full Name The Addams
Alias Creepy Neighbor
Other Name(s) The Addams Family
Age Unknown
Home Addam's Mansion
Occupation(s) Billionaire

Dark Royal

Morality Evil
Gender Male and Female
Race Immortals
Eye Color
Hair Color
Affiliation(s) Pitch
Allies Pitch
Enemies Guardian Alliance
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Universe Touch (Pubert)

Knife Throwing (Gomez) Plant Mutantation (Morticia) Alchemist (Grand Mama) Dimension Body (Counsin It) Dynamite (Uncle Fester) Painless (Lurch and Thing) Torture (Wednesday) Tamer (Pugsley)

Equipment Dangerous Toy

Throwing Knife Dynamite

Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
 The Addam Family is a dark family. They are very active during Dark Ages. Good friends with Pitch.They live in the Addam's Mansion. The family consist of 9 members. They are billionaires and main money sponsors of all the dark evil events.

Appearance Edit

The Addam's are a generation of Darkness Royalist. Gomez Addams is the father. Morticia Addams is the mother. The two children are Pugsley and Wednesday. They have uncle Fester and Grandmama. The house has a man-servant called Lurch. They have a pet hand name Thing. Their cousin It sometimes visit them. The youngest and strongest member is Pubert Addam.

Background Edit

As the Darkness Royal bloodline, the family generations and culture has pass down throughout the centuries. Their house power was used to extend so far and a lot of people fear the name Addams. They strike fear into their hearts. After the Dark Ages end, they have been forced into hidding. Now a day, their Mansion move from town to town. It terrorizes the neighborhood then move to a new neighborhood.

Story Edit

At some point of the timeline, Olivia meet them in Lousiana. She fight Gomez Addam hoping to end this dark bloodline. Unknown to her, the real mastermind behind the whole family was Morticia Addams. They got away from the Guardian pursuit.

Pitch visit them time to time. Gomez Addam is an old friend with Pitch. The children call him uncle Pitch. Pitch always brought them new toys.

Jack meet Wednesday once. He thought to cheer her up as she was looking gloomy. Unknown to him, she saw Jack and tried to kill him alone, but she failed.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As having a dark royal bloodline, all the Addam's are very pure and powerful.

Hell Plant - Morticia Addams` hobby is gardening. She has a garden full of plants and flowers from hell.

Dynamite Fester is a maniac expert in dynamite. He always blows up everything around him.

Dangerous Toy - Wendesday owns a series of dangerous toys such as: guillotines, machine gun, chainsaw and doom train, she owns a set of torture equipments.

Morticia addams by tinavalentino80-d69mlyz

Aristotle - Pugsley is a master tamer. He owns a giant rare ancient octopus despite his young ages.

Unknown Body - Cousin It demostrates an unique ability that he can pull out almost anything from his hairy body. It act like a dimension storage.

Thrower - Gomez is a master of throwing danger. Despite an normal ability, the cursed dagger he throws is dangerous. Whoever gets cut by it, redeem powerless.


Alchemist - Grandmama is a high witch, is shown mixing potions which can turn dark creatures temporarily immune to light magic and sunlight.

Painless - Lurch is demostrate to feel no pain when getting cut in half. It is also shown this ability to despite getting blow out by one of the dynamites.

Universe Touch - As the purest and youngest of the addams family, Pubert is shown to summon comets down from space in his infant form.

Relationships Edit

Guardian Alliance Edit

The Addam's Family is not in a good term with the Guardian Alliance.

Pitch Edit

Pitch visit them time to time. They are old friends.

Quotes Edit

  • Welcome to our house.
  • Enjoy your tour.
  • Once you enter, it is forever.

Creation Concept Edit

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.

Trivia Edit

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