The Man in the Moon
Biographical Information
Full Name Tsar Lunar XII
Alias MiM, Manny
Other Name(s)
Home Moon
Occupation(s) Guardian
Morality Good
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color White
Relative(s) Tsar and Tsarina Lunar (parents)
Affiliation(s) The Guardians
Enemies Pitch
Powers and Abilities
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

I wish that you would help. When the moon's not full and bright, would you keep the children safe at night?

—Man in Moon

The Man in the Moon is role-played by nobody.

About himEdit

Tsar Lunar, known as the Man in the Moon or simply "MiM", was the very first Guardian who lived on the moon and protected the dreams of all children his ship. In the movie, he is shown to be a silent, but active, observer of the transpiring events. He is the one who convinces the four Guardians that Pitch's return was a true threat, and the one who chooses Jack Frost to be the newest Guardian to aid them. Although he never actually speaks, he can communicate through the shining of the moon's light, and is frequently spoken to by other characters. Pitch considers him an "old friend", North refers to him as "Manny", and Jack often asks him who he is, and why he was chosen. He is only ever represented in the movie as the moon itself.


The Man in the Moon (MiM) began his life in the Golden Age, when all dreams were possible. But when his family is attacked by Pitch, The Nightmare King, MiM finds himself alone on a small moon, revolving around the planet called Earth. MiM keeps watch over the children of Earth, and vows never to let their dreams be invaded by Pitch's nightmares. MiM calls to his side, a band of heroes to serve as The Guardians.


  • "Toot toot?"
  • "There are children on Earth! Children like me!"
  • "Now the children of Earth will see the moon's smiling face and know they have a Nightlight to guard them forever!"
  • "I wish you well."
  • "I wish that you would help. When the moon's not full and bright, would you keep the children safe at night?



Tsar and TsarinaEdit

Tsar Lunar XI and his wife, Tsarina Lunar, were heads of the House of Lunanoff and parents to The Man in the Moon.

  • Tsar and Tsarina
  • Moonbots
  • Moon mice
  • Relics
  • Glowworms


Tsar and Tsarina were beloved by all of the People of the Golden Age, by their own people and by the other Great Houses. They loved their son dearly and as Tsar would show him the wonders of the heavens through his telescope, Tsarina would read to him from her Primer of the Planet by the light of the Giant Glowworms.


During the Golden Age the universe was ruled by the Constellations, groups of stars and planets led by great, benevolent families who governed with imagination, fairness and flair. Of all these regal families, the House of Lunanoff was the most beloved; if The Golden Age had true royalty, it was Tsar and Tsarina Lunanoff.

The Lunanoffs pledged to rid the evil from The Golden Age, and together with other Constellations, they built a prison out of lead in the farthermost regions of space. There, they entombed the criminals of the cosmos in eternal darkness until they became little more than shadows. And the Golden Age flourished.

However, Kosmotis Pitcheriner, the hero of the Golden Age and sole gate keeper of the prison was tricked into releasing the shadows and being corrupted by them, turned him into the Nightmare King, Pitch Black. He swore vengeance on the Constellations and attacked each of the Houses one by one, saving the Lunanoff family for last and threatening to turn the Lunanoff Prince into his Fearling Prince. In order to save their son, Tsar and Tsarina built a ship that would sail through the stars and fled to Earth, where the ship would disguise itself as a moon and forever evade Pitch's sight.

Guardians of ChildhoodEdit

In The Man in the Moon,Tsar and Tsarina are aboard the Moon Clipper, making their way to Earth with their son, his protector Nightlight and a crew of Moonbots,Moonmice and Giant Glowworms. They are then attacked by the Nightmare Galleon, lead by Pitch and his crew of Dream Pirates. The Moon Clipper fights back and Tsar and Tsarina order Nightlight to take the baby to a hidden nursery deep within the darkest tunnels of the ship. They and the crew fought valiantly, but are overwhelmed and captured. All seemed lost, until Nightlight rejoins the battle and pierces Pitch's heart with a blade made from the tears of the Prince. There was a huge explosion and a blinding light, and Pitch, Nightlight and MiM's parents were lost.

After the battle, MiM crawled out from nursery and saw a group of new stars, shimmering above him. He stared at them until he was sure. His mother and father were there. Far away, but still there.

Relationships Edit


  • North now possesses Tsar Lunar's sword, one of the five relics of the Moon Clipper.
  • Bunnymund, who helped make the Egg of Creation, entrusted its light to Tsar, who would later give it back to Bunnymund after his race was wiped, so he could flee and create a new planet.
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