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The Muses Sister
Biographical Information
Full Name Thalia (Right), Tephone (Second Right) Calliope (Middle) Clio (Second Left) Melpomene (Left)
Alias The noisy guardians
Other Name(s)
Age 900 (physically 23)
Birthplace Mount Olympus
Home Olympus Academy
Occupation(s) Guardian of teaching
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Goddess
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Affiliation(s) Guardian Alliance
Minions Lesser Muses
Enemies Pitch
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Sound Manipulation

Art Mastery Calculation Mastery Knitting Mastery

Weakness(es) Naughty Student
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

The Muses Sister are a group of five female Guardians. They are the Guardians of Wisdom. They are also members of the Guardian alliances. They own a Olympus academy award in Greece. They are the principal of the academy and protect the children of Greece together.


The Muses Sisters usually wear white robes. Calliope seems to be the leader always standing in the middle. Thalia is the fatest. Melpomene is the one with longest hair as Clio and Tephone always stick together.


Long time ago, the Muses were a group of singers and crafters at Mount Olympus. Zeus and Hera rule the place. Times pass, Zeus forge an alliance with MIM to aid in the fight against the Nightmare king. The Greece god decided to open up the Olympus Academy and The Muses were nominated as the principal. The Muses manage the school and sent lesser muses down to mortal world to teach children about craft, music, sport, knowledge, poem, and spin.


As the members of the Guardians alliance, they watch over the territory of Greece and Roman. They always participate in the meeting and fight against the threat to children.

At some point of the timeline, Jack and The Big Four visit them at Olympus Academy. The Muses welcome them with a acapella welcome song. They show Jack in training how they protect the children. Pitch borrow Cerberus from his old friend and he powers-up Cerberus with his little nightmare touch and terrorize the city of Greece and Roman. As usual, the Guardians manage to save the day.

Jack meet them again when he was trying to track down Inkwhen he was missing. As the ancient monster in Greece such as Chimera, minotaur has keep showing up in Greece. They suspect Ink is in hiding in Greece.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As one of the Greece Goddess, they are immortal. They teach children skills and technique of life, making children become independent. .

Sound Manipulation -  They are shown to be masters of sound and music. All five of them are able to put the Kraken to sleep in an instatnt.They later shown to use piercing voice to attack Pitch in a fight.

Knitting - Clio demostrate this ability while she trap the minotaur with needle and thread.

Calculation Mastery - Thalia shown she is still able to keep count after they have defeated the 107 nightmare hound.

Drawing Mastery - Calliope's skill in drawing. She is able to make with the use of the drawing she draw and sent Cerberus back to Underworld. She also shown to travel around the Greece with her drawings as portal.  



They treat Jack like a school child as they have a work habit to lecturer.

Guardian AllianceEdit

They are member of the Guardian alliance and get along with other member just fine.


They literally hate him as all the members of the alliance do.


They welcome him and give hospitality even though it is the first time they meet him.

Quotes Edit

  • Wah, fresh Guardian.
  • Lets sing, sisters.
  • Let's show them what we got.

Creation ConceptEdit

Guardian Created by Jona.


The photo come from [1]

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