The Sea Punks
The Sea Punks
Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s) Punks 'n Robbers (their first name)
Age 20 - 25
Occupation(s) Guardians of Robberies
Morality Evil
Gender Males, females
Race Part human, part sea animal
Eye Color
Hair Color
Relative(s) Punks
Allies None
Minions Jones (Sebastian's pet)
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Sonic waves
Equipment Powerful trident, shell, swords, knife
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Shiny, shiny, shiny things we like.

—The Sea Punks

The Sea Punks are the Guardians of Robberies. They are role played by Valentin girl.

About them Edit

The Sea Punks are a young bunch of robbers, that rob the people day and night, collecting the items and having them as their own. In the group, there are 9 of them on their ship, but the total number of Sea Punks waves around 30 - 45 and still counting. The Sea Punks are mostly young and bring young companions to their club. They often bring some elder sea bags to the club. They all talk in their Irish way or just normal English. They all have fins or tentacles - but that mostly have the leader and leaderess. Their first name, created by the captain and his right hand, was Punks 'n Robbers. As in the years their name change by the leader himself to: The Sea Punks.

Why Punks? In the deeps of the sea, there were mermaids and mermen, but some of them were very different: angry, like to go to parties, were stilling different from their so-called traditional way, made their hairstyles and colors different, like to have piercings and tattoos.

Any history about it? The first group of Punks were created in the late 90's, but it's popularity wasn't very high. But in the years, when the people of the upper world were having Rock 'n Roll and punkness, the sea dwellers were starting to copy them and the punk was starting to be very popular.
  • Sebastian, Kora and Jones
  • Haver, Doria, Monica, Craig
  • Daniel, Maggie, Spike
  • Other punk crew

Meet the crew Edit

Sebastian Edit

Sebastian is the crew's leader or captain, as they like to call him. He is always in charge of the Punks and mostly him or his second in command Haver, can take the wheel of the ship. He is a part octopus, part human. With him he has always his golden trident, that has special powers. His skin color is green with big freckles on his face and shoulders. He has vampire-like ears and has 2 different earrings on his left ear. His eyes are sea blue, while his hair is punkish purple. He wears a small brown armor on both of his shoulders for protection with black spikes and a pair of golden wrist armors. Around his neck and falling on his chest, he has a golden necklace, that can go on both sides and a brown one, that symbols his tentacles. He has dark purple tentacles with black under his arms and has a black long belt. With the power of his trident, he can make himself and or his crew living sea beings.

Kora Edit

She is the lady of Sebastian and is a part octopus part human, as her beloved. She can be in charge, like Sebastian and can handle with swords very well. Her skin is very light green, has brown eyes, red lips and dark blue long hair. Kora has different kind of ears - like fins, and on them she has a pair of long brown pearl earrings. She has a long coral green pearl necklace. She has dark purple tentacles with an orange color under her arms. On her octopus body shape, she has a green grass colored belt, when on her chest, she has a light blue one with a beautiful green grass with a bit of blue diamond. On her left hand, she wears a sun-like ring that has the color of light blue, while in the middle it has a sea colored diamond. She is very obsessed with all shiny things that catches her eye on and wants them for herself at any cost. She loves his man Sebastian and would go everywhere with him, just to be with him.

Haver Edit

Is the second in command and only him or his captain can take the ships wheel. His skin color is purple, while his hair is metallic red. He has fin-like ears, green eyes, muscular body and a flat nose. He has an purple armor with purple spikes, on his chest he has light blue sea weed and a dark blue-green necklace. He is part eel and part human and his fish body color is green and blue. He has light big dots on his fish feet. In his right hand he has a green with orange inside shell, that he can make an alarm with, when some intruders arrive. In his other hand, he can have a yellow long knife, that is sharp enough to open a turtle's shell. Haver tells the girls, that he catches, about his name why he was named Haver, because he can have her.

Monica Edit

Monica has a natural talent as the three other mermaids have, and that is a sonic wave. She can use her sonic wave, when she sings a high note and from her mouth come then circle shapes and can cause pain to the enemy and great confusion. Her skin color is blue with big freckles on her face and shoulders. She has black hair, while her eyes are yellow and her lips quite darkishly red and has fin-like ears. Her body is in the shape of a orca, with green color over around his back and a bit on front, while on her stomach she has yellow colors. In her hair, she has a yellow flower with a red gem in the middle. She also has a red and pink necklace. Her suspenders are yellow and has a small blue gem next to her chest. Monica likes to party everyday in their little club, after they've loot loots of jewels.

Doria Edit

Doria has also the same talent as Monica has. Her skin color is dark green, her hair is medium short and red, has orange eyes and light coral lips. She has a weed green short swim bra, with a black line, that goes down towards her fish legs. She is part human, part shark and has a lovely brown color while her fins are light purple. She has a golden belt on her hips. Doria has also small blue corals on her both arms, and a green flower with yellow gems inside of it and dark blue pearl suspenders.

Craig Edit

Craig is a very big guy and very tough one too, his talent is to knock everyone with his bare hands. His skin color is yellow, while he has some long brown freckles on his cheeks. He has green with a long pony tail hair, while his eyes are orange. On his left eyebrow and on his nose and on his belly button he has white piercings. He also has a blue-green armor on his shoulders with long black spikes and a pair of holders on his chest with a golden shell in the middle of it. He has also brown wrist armors. He is part human and part shark, and has blue color all around it, while the fins are black.

Spike Edit

Spike is the guy, who loves making shining bubbles, that blinds everyone in 1 meter. His skin color is light blue, has green eyes, short pink hair and fin like ears. On his cheeks he has long freckles and a piercing on his chin and an long earring on his left ear. He is a part of human and a part of shark. On his chest he has silver sea leaves stretching down to his body and around his back, light blue oysters and two light purple pearl necklaces. On his left hand he has a dark sea weed green tattoo, that looks like a star, while in his other hand, he has his shining bubbles. His color on the fish legs are red, that goes around his back and a bit to his front, and has silver over his belly and his fins. Spike has on his back fins some dark blue spikes, and so the crew made his name to Spike.

Maggie Edit

Maggie is another female that has the talent, sonic wave, as the other two females and with it, she has a weapon of her own. Her skin color is Indian red, has red eyes and dark sea weed green hair. She has vampire-like ears and wears on both of them a pair of long star golden earrings. She is a half of human and a half of an eel. Around her neck, she is wearing a beautiful long golden necklace. Her top is white-silver and has dark blue lines. Her down feet have white-silver color, as the top, while her side fins are bright yellow. With her yellowed belt, she has a medium long skirt - that resembles as flowers. In a blink of an eye, she seems to be very nice, but when she has someone very near her space, she can pick her black fan with black spikes on it.

Daniel Edit

Daniel or Dani as the crew calls him, is the Punks greatest weed rope maker and thrower. He can make ropes with all kind of sea weed and can hook a person without missing. His skin color is Teal green, has silver eyes and dark grey hair, that has braids. Has fin like ears and on both of them, he wears Olive green shells. On his shoulders he has two light blue armors with spikes and muddy brown sea leafs over his chest. He is a part of human and part of shark. His fish legs are Sea green, while his fins are orange. In his left hand he has his own rope, made out of Olive colored sea weed.

Relationships Edit

Punks Edit

They are the other crew members and are living in the so-called: Punk -O- Street, where they wait for the others to come back with the loot.

Fran Edit

Fran was the first one that meets the Sea Punks personally, when they grabbed her. They said that they were looking for treasures and that they were fishing her because she was as beautiful as treasure. Haver, the second mate, wanted Fran to be his, but Stephen crossed their plans and saved her from their clutches.

Stephen Edit

He and his siblings were saving Fran from the Punks, and they made a plan how to retrieve her.

Transportation Edit

The Sea Punks' transportation is a well working pirate ship. It is all in black and it is 26 feet long. The speed of the ship can go to 40 km/h and it sails on water.

Pets Edit

Jones Edit

Jones is Sebastian's pet octopus. He really likes how Jones moves and how he can go in to tiny spaces. He is Sebastian's comrade, when he is bored or angry. He usually talks to him out loud and knowing that he can understand him. Jones can also help his master in his robberies. Sebastian named his pet Jones because it is very known as well for Davy Jones. His color is orange and purple, that sometimes mix together.

Quotes Edit

  • Shiny, shiny, shiny stuff we like.
  • Alright lads! We have a prize to catch! - Sebastian to his crew, wanting to catch Fran again, when she was saved by Stephen
  • You know why they call me Haver? Because I can have her. - Haver to Fran
  • Move your fins and grab all the gems and jewels you can carry! Then we can go partying! -Sebastian to the crew

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