The homes

Aurora'S Mansion in the Sky

Is Lived In by: Aurora Stardust

About the Star MansionEdit

Aurora lives in a Beautiful place called the Star Mansion. It is in the sky like Nova Starlight's light palace. In the sky. A few birds may come to visit sometimes and she put a invisible stardust force field around it only letting the Good Guardians through. Aurora likes to have small parties in her Mansion and Invites them a lot especially when there is an special occasion like the changing of the seasons. 


Was Built by MIM himself he knew that Aurora needed a place to stay so he made a Mansion for her. it is a least as old as She is and Has a Special Place in the sky overlooking space and earth at the same time.No Human has been in it but the Human Believers might see a cloud that looks like it has a palace on it. 

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