The Time Pagoda is the home of Jade Windragon.


What is the Time Pagoda?Edit

The Guardians are all good friends of hers So they all pitched in and made a Pagoda. Jade calls it The Time Pagoda, it has a lot of windows. Her pagoda is In Asia but where no one can find it. Only some people have spotted her pagoda. People that believe. It is also said that if you walk in to her pagoda that your New Years Wishes will all come true. 


Not far away from Jade's House is a Little pagoda style Pavilion on a small mountain. Below the mountain in the Valley is a Special place where Jade practices her Martial Arts. A Very Secret place and the only way a person can find it is if she Choose to let them go there or if she shows them the way.
Pagoda hangout

Jade's pagoda style Pavilion.

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