Thunderstrike is roleplayed by Ironman01

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History Edit

Thunderstrike was a lonely dragon. His parents were killed by a hunter and wounded. The reason why, is because of their scales. Although, they were found by Phoenix and nursed back to health. They have been friends ever since. Phoenix raised him as a little son, he learned how to hunt and how to shapeshift.

His age is 10 and he comes from the land of dragons called: Trutalia. He lives now with Phoenix in Mount Everest.


He may be fierce but can sometimes get scared easily. Thunderstrike also likes to rest on peoples heads.


Thunderstrike is able to talk and shapeshift into any type of dragon and a human (only for his birthday).
  • As a human, breathing fire
  • With diamond skin

Relationships Edit

Phoenix Edit

Daddy! He nice and funny.

Jack Alchemy Edit

Jack is funny and loves making stuff change into other stuff.

Void Edit

Void was scary first, but then he be nice. Like big brother to me.


Dragon girlfriend...I in love with her!!!


She acts like a mommy.

Quotes Edit

(Still none)

Trivia Edit

  • He was a month old when his parents were killed and was then saved from Phoenix. And Phoenix then tore the hunter apart.
  • He doesn't have any brothers or sisters or old parents or aunts or uncles.
  • Mount Everest is in Phoenix dimension. He made the house in 3 months.
  • He mostly likes to eat burgers, and sometimes fish.
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