Biographical Information
Full Name Treanna Flora
Other Name(s) Trea
Age 400+
Birthplace Avalon
Home Pitch's Lair
Morality Evil
Gender Female
Race Flower spirit
Eye Color Pale purple
Hair Color Purple
Relative(s) Nazreen and Lucy (sisters)
Allies Nazreen, Garreth, Rune, and Pitch
Enemies Guardians
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) creates dark flowers
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Treanna Flora is the youngest sister of Nazreen and Lucy Flora. She is role-played by Skyebreeze.


Treanna is the youngest daughter of Mrs. Flora, along her two older sisters, Nazreen and Lucy. Treanna looked up to her mother and Nazreen, hoping to be like them one day, much to the dismay of Lucy, the only good one in the family. When Nazreen left Avalon to spread her dark flowers in the world, Treanna and their mother kept Lucy locked within the house, until the death of their mother. Treanna tried to prevent Lucy from escaping, but to no avail. She contacted Nazreen and met her sister's master, Pitch, her boyfriend, Rune, and Prince Garreth. When Treanna saw Garreth, she was head over heels for him, though he arrived to Avalon only because a girl he was after, Fran, was there. Treanna try to convince him then to forget about Fran and be with her instead, but he left quickly to search for Fran. She, Nazreen, and the rest of the group found Lucy in the Airell family home and captured everyone, except Kilian, because he left earlier due to a comment Alan made about his blindness. Despite their efforts, Kilian was alerted of danger and their trap by Sara and was able to save his family and friends. After the plan failed, Pitch and his group returned to the lair with Treanna in tow. Treanna decided to go witht the group, since there was no reason to stay on Avalon, since she knows that Lucy will be going out to the world and her other sister, Nazreen is living in that world.



  • Eldest sister. There are very close and always come up with a plot to harm their middle sister, Lucy.

Lucy Flora

  • Middle sister. Treanna gets very annoyed at Lucy's futile attempts to turn her good.

Kilian and Alan Airell

  • Alan is Lucy's boyfriend and protector and Kilian is Lucy's friend. Treanna hates Alan for being in between her and Lucy. When Kilian's blindness was cured, Treanna was furious and wanted to blind him permanently.

Prince Garreth

  • Love interest. Garreth wasn't interested in Treanna at first, thinking she was a crazy girl and wanted Fran. After succeeding in capturing Lucy, Stephen, Fran, and most of the Airell family, Treanna stole his first kiss, which he was reserving for Fran. To Garreth's dismay, Treanna came to live with his group in Pitch's lair. After one mission together, she got him to be very interested in her and eventually started a relationship.


  • Treanna means "Piercing" in Sanskrit.
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