In the Underwater house, lives Stephen Kulong and his family.

Underwater house

History about Razul Edit

Razul is the name of the neighborhood in the sea, where Stephen and his family lives. 

The history began in thousands of years, where there were in the sea, just mermen. They didn't had any families, but were born through corals. In a occasion, one of the mermen spotted a woman, that was above the water. The two came together and lived in the sea below. Years after years, there weren't only mermen, but now mermaids. And when the next generation came, the mermen and maid's fins were slowly transforming into feet, as their skin colors turn blue, as the sea itself. 

About the house Edit

The house (as in the picture) have many places, where the siblings can sleep and go to. They have each one of them, their own rooms, but they have also a common library, kitchen, bathroom,etc.

It is build by algae, sea grass and corals and it grounds on the soft sea sand, where they have their own garden, that are used for growing eatable fruits and vegetables. The house as well as the whole city, that has the name Razul, is very well hidden from the humans above and it is very deep, so that even divers couldn't get to them very easy.

People Edit

The people that live inside the Underwater house are:

Rooms Edit

The house has many rooms:

  • 9 main rooms
  • 3 guest rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Library
  • Battle room

Trivia Edit

  • In their house, Stephen's father invited Fran over to dinner, when he saw that their picnic food was being eaten by Hala and Pali.
  • She is now the only one that was in the house and that she saw each of the siblings, their rooms, and other rooms included.
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