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Recently decided to watch RWBY. Now I'm a fan. Great, time to make some OCs.... >.>

Helios Eros Lamia Leo Osiris-Isis-Ares Mars-Orion Romulus Ichthyocentaur Oceanus Nike ' Serpens-Demeter Athena Griffon Ganymede Eris Remus.-Midas Yggdrasil Thor Hekate Scylla-Amazon Rakshasa Echo-Wendigo Hestia Artemis Thoth-Dragon Ra Ishtar Vishnu Elf-Manticore Empousa-Triton Oberon-Charybdis Redcap Eostre Aether Titan Elysium.


Timothy Rune

Janus Chance





The Seventh


Melina Aporia



Midden Non

Azul Puro

Sol Aelos

Ra Amun

Yriscal Gaudin


Heiress of Circe






Marco Vahana

The Nameless Few


The Greywings

Thirteen Predators




The Iron Maiden



Garret Kemp

Black Annis


Gate of Sleepers

General Nadir



Comte de Saint-Germain


Empress of Lost Things

Red Ribbon



Tachibana Senshi

Secondary Characters (Appeared but no Official Pages)Edit

Hades- Timothy's pet, they met in Mexico, where Hades was in danger of being eaten by a group of young Colossus Rat's. After being saved Hades was indebted and eventually became an inseparable pair. Being a Shadow Tarantula, Hades' venom is similar to strong caffeine in the way it works. A Shadow Tarantula's webbing is translucent, yet much stronger than reinforced steel. Shadow Tarantulas can also smell the dying from miles away. Also, he's good at playing chess.

The Morrigan - Triplicate Celtic goddess of war, sovereignty, and war frenzy. They are Janus Chance's mother, aunt, and aunt.

Circe - Witch of the Thousand Beasts and Greek Goddess of Magic. She took in Anna Wronski as her protoge who will one day take her title as a goddess of magic.

Tome of Ruin - An ancient tome that holds the names of the last reigning generation of each fallen civilization in Earth’s history. It is currently in the hands of a group of children possessed by some of its spirits.

Black Mist - An unimaginable number of immortal mosquitoes, byproduct of Líf's coming into immortality. If they find a victim, they will suck its blood until it is dry as bones. Its location is difficult to pinpoint, and it is currently not contained.

Fahika - An ancient phantom boar that resides with the brother harpies, Esu and Aetus.

The Wildlife of Greyroot Forest (The area surrounding Timothy's Mandragora Mansion)

  • Winter Foxes- White foxes that freeze the ground and chill the air wherever they approach.
  • Draconic Hunter Fish- Predatory fish that are extremely intelligent, strong, and fast, as well as extremely warm; the water itself occasionally boiling around them.
  • Elder Ravens- White ravens that gain knowledge of anything they can clearly see.
  • Silver Lynxes- Lynxes with silver fur; their bites and licks have healing properties. Valentina Love has one as a pet; it's name is Silver.
  • Lapis-Terra Falcons- Regal and beautiful predators, they are made of stone, and there are many variants; including ruby, emerald, granite, shale, and sandstone.
  • Thorny Grizzlies - Enormous bears with long needles like porcupines. They eat honey locust leaves alongside berries and fish.
  • Bloody Elk - Strange elk, with horns that angle forward, the bone's colour as red as blood. The species' other bones are similarly coloured. Timothy believes they gore predators with their antlers, draining their blood to keep their bodies supple and strong. They will never run, so perhaps this lays credence to the theory.
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