Valentin girl

aka Valentina/Val

Bureaucrat The Man in the Moon
  • I live in Slovenia
  • I was born on July 8
  • My occupation is Guardian of Love
  • I am Female
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In brightest day, in blackest night no evil shall escape our sight. Let those who worship evils might beware the power of the Guardians light!

Tooth gif (7) Wow! You guys collect teeth and leave gifts as fast as my fairies!

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I am a big role player. Don't mess with me. You didn't saw anything yet.


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Hello new Guardians! I am Valentin girl, but you can call me Val. My rules are simple: If someone is bothering you and you don't know where to go, come to me and say what's been bothering you and who. 

And welcome to the Wiki, where the role play's are awating for you. Have fun!

My Guardian is Valentina Love.  
  • Val
  • Alex
  • Dark sister
  • Eric
  • Stephen
  • Sara Modrič
  • The Sea Punks
  • Krampus
  • Masked man
  • Hot Shot
  • Zodia

I role play as my evil twin 'sister' (clone): Dark sister

And a new character, that is a boy/guy: Alex

And now a brand new character: Eric

And a nother new character: Stephen Kulong

I role play as Sara Modrič too.

And some new species: The Sea Punks

And a Christmas special: Krampus

Two new characters that I have created: Masked man and Hot Shot

This is zodiac sign girl: Zodia Sign

(Now if you roll a bit down, you will see some questions that are there and if you please answer them, I would be very happy)

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Who of my characters do you like?

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Here are my new characters. Who do you like?

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