Biographical Information
Full Name Queen Lupita Fauna Green of the Hidden Forest
Other Name(s) Queenie (by Orick)
Wolfie (by Daeva)
Lupi (by Sirius)
Age 200 (physically 20)
Birthplace The Hidden Forest
Home Mist Palace
Occupation(s) Guardian of the Environment

Queen of the Hidden Forest

Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Human/Wolf
Eye Color Dark brown (Gold when a wolf)
Hair Color Black (Brown fur when a wolf)
Relative(s) Alaky (Father;deceased)

Mynal (Mother;deceased)
Leonard (Older brother)

Affiliation(s) The Guardians
Allies All the Guardians
Minions The Guardians
Enemies Pitch, Daeva, Orick
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) The Environment
Weakness(es) The Destruction of Her Forest
Equipment The Sword of the Earth (other weapons)

Her claws and fangs

Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

I love the Forest. It's my home, I can't just leave.


Lupita Fauna Green is role-played by Winter Fairy. She is the new Guardian of the Environment.

About HerEdit

Queen Lupita is a new member of the Guardians. She is extremely confident, determined and brave. Lupita is the Guardian of the Environment, and lives in the Hidden Forest, a forest surrounded by a magical mist that can only be seen by the other Guardians. She is a beautiful young woman with captivating dark brown eyes and black hair, complimenting her dark skin. Lupita is very skilled in combat and uses many weapons, but her most popular is her Sword of the Earth. Though Lupita may seem tough and hard-core on the outside, she is a typical romantic and has a particular soft side for children. She is bubbly, daring and often will tell the truth right in your face.

Lupita is a master when it comes to knowing about the earth. She knows how to manipulate the environment. She can make the sun shine or make it snow with ice. She has the ability to hear and talk to the wind, can bend water and has the ability to hold fire, since her powers are connected to the Four Elements in the Environment. She has the ability to bend and hold light, but never uses her powers for evil. If provoked however, she can cause serious damage. Lupita is seen wearing green stockings, green trousers, a blue shirt, a brown cape and wears simple brown flats with an amber necklace which happen to be colors associated with the Environment. Her hair is always in a ponytail, though however, she wears it loose or with a hairband. In a way, Lupita seems to have some other guardians powers all mixed into one.

Lupita, despite the fact that she possesses these wonderful powers, she just wishes to be a bit normal. Though she seems to stay contented with living in the Hidden Forest, she longs to see the outside world, a longing she soon achieves but realizes that her Forest will forever be her home.

Lupita lives in Mist Palace in the Hidden Forest, which only Guardians come to.


Lupita lived alone with her parents Alaky and Mynal just at the edge of a mysterious forest (which turned into the Hidden Forest when she became a Guardian). As a child, Lupita loved to explore the forest and get to know the animals. As a teen, she found things in the environment extremely interesting and grew fascinated with the animals and the forest. She loved to sit outside her window watching every season pass. As she grew older, the forest by which she lived in was slowly getting destroyed which caused a great determination to form in her young mind. She went to the Forest much more often, much to her parents' worry. One night, she woke up suddenly and sensed that something was terribly wrong. She woke up and ran barefoot to the middle of the forest where a bright moon was shining. Her parents ran after her, both of them worried.

Lupita got to the forest, only to see a huge wolf about to attack a group of bear cubs. As the wolf was chasing the cubs, Lupita picked them up and hid them. The wolf turned to her and started to pursue her. She screamed and her parents immediately came to the rescue. Sadly, the wolf got the upper-hand and murdered her parents in right front of her eyes. Lupita ran deeper into the forest, until she got the edge of a cliff with a deep lake at the bottom. Lupita had to choose, either she'd jump or get killed by the wolf. Lupita jumped off the edge, and drowned. However, MiM saw that Lupita cared deeply about the forest and was the right person to protect it. He raised her back and automatically crowned her the Guardian of the Environment, which she gladly accepted.


Lupita's powers are as follows:

  • Ice and snow magic: Lupita is able to conjure ice and snow from her hands and feet. She can make temperature drop and cause blizzards, snow storms or just snowfalls. She can use this power to make structures also.
  • Fire magic: In contrast with her winter powers, she can also get fire from her hands and feet. She has the ability to increase the temperature. Her fire powers only manifest at times when she's angry.
  • Wind powers: She can make the wind blow and can move clouds. She can also fly and defy gravity.
  • Aquakinesis: She can walk on water, make it rain and never get wet. She can also form balls of flowing water in her hands.She has the ability to get water from just the air around her.
  • Light powers: Lupita can hold light, catch rays of sunlight and can make balls of light.
  • Earth powers: She can form walls of solid earth for defense. She can make plants grow quicker.


  • "You really don't get out much, do you?"
  • "Let's do this!"
  • "Hey, the only person who can snoop around is ME!'
  • "Chocolate, anyone?"
  • "I don't dance."
  • "I hate to break it to you, but GET OUT!"
  • "Monkeys drive me bananas."
  • "I'm allergic to hate."
  • (sings) "I want adventure in that great, wide somewhere!"
  • "What would you do if you had to choose?"


Symphony Rose CelesteEdit

  • Symphony is a good friend of Lupita who helps her take care of her Forest in times of trouble. Lupita often talks to Symphony over issues like relationships, which Symphony always gives good advice to.

Fran HarperEdit

  • Fran is also another friend of Lupita's who helps heal Lupita's wounds when she gets hurt. She was also one of the people to help the animals in the Forest using her telepathy.

Xavier CelesteEdit

  • Symphony's younger twin brother whom Lupita thinks is really nice, despite his constant teasing. Lupita thinks that he's really friendly who knows how to cheer people up.

Sirius CelesteEdit

  • Lupita's love interest. Lupita thinks he's very sweet and caring, always helping others in need and is also very friendly. Lupita absolutely adores his cooking, especially his orange-and-chocolate brownies.


  • Her signature color is green.
  • Her favorite food is chocolate.
  • She knows every language spoken by animals.
  • She plays with her hair when she is nervous.
  • Even though she fact that she can turn into a wolf, she does not hibernate.
  • All her clothes contain the colors blue and green, environmental colors.
  • Lupita still remembers her parents and their death, but she doesn't remember how they died.
  • Lupita is Spanish for "The Valley of The Wolves"
  • Her birthday is April 22nd, which is also Earth Day.
  • She has an older brother, Leonard.


  • Casual Clothes
  • Evening Gown
  • Party Gown
  • Night clothes
  • Queen Outfit
  • Lupita as a normal person.
  • Winter outfit
  • Lupita with her parents, Mynal and Alaky
  • Leonard, long lost brother
  • Lupita's sword
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