Lupita as a wolf (3)

Lupita as a wolf

Lupita has the ability to transform herself into a wolf, though her power is at its most dangerous element when she senses her Forest and its animals are in danger. As a wolf, Lupita has a thick and gorgeous deep brown coat and piercing gold eyes. Thanks to her powers, she has a remarkable sense of hearing and smell even as a human. She is able to run at incredible speeds due to her powers. However, Lupita wishes to be a bit normal. Thanks to becoming a wolf, she adopts a somewhat motherly personality towards others, especially those she cares about. As a wolf, Lupita is unable to speak to the other Guardians but makes a series of sounds which help her to speak to them. Yet, she can also communicate telepathically with any Guardian when it seems necessary. As a wolf, Lupita has a strong immunity. She is able to be healed of her wounds in record time. Lupita has the ability to talk to animals even as a human, but she is better at it when in her wolf state. Lupita as a wolf eats meat, yet as a human, she is a strict vegetarian, which kind of makes mealtimes confusing. Also, as a human, if she smells meat, she will automatically manifest her wolf characteristics. But now, she is able to control it.
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