Before the rise of the Guardians, before the Ice Ages succumb the world in deathly ice, before the threat and rule of the Dark Ages, before everything and everyone has their technology and the war between the Guardian Alliance and Chaos Cycle scourges across the world, it was the time of the three sisters.

"In an age of magic and power, there were three sisters in each sectors and corners of the world. Long have they reign and ensure the planet's survival, they control what elements they've been given and kept the peace for an untold time.

Minerva , the warrior witch of the North, living in a mighty fortress that now has been crumbled into a ruin and turned into a volcano, Mount Etna. She controls over Fire and Nature, having known for her short temper and extreme power, she holds the continent in the west.

Nirvana , the graceful witch of the Middle. Controlling Wind and Earth, she keeps the continents stable and relatively in perfect harmony. Famous for her beauty and charm, many befell to the witch's charm but only one have live to tell the tale of her existence. She lives in a huge tree but now has been cut down and been turned into a field, as time passes this place is now known as Yellowstone park where a supervolcano resides.

And finally, the third witch. The youngest of three sisters, Siliviria . She has the ability to manipulate the water and ice around her, she appears in times of despair and helps many people all over the world. Many appreciates her and gradually praise her for her works and actions. Her palace is made out of pure ice, after her apparent disappearance it got destroyed. As time passes the earth cobbled up together and turned into the biggest mountain, Mount Everest.

The three sisters lived in harmony, though one day, the young ice witch, Syliviria, would wander out in the world. She saw handsome young man and felt something within her heart, and it was love at  first sight. She grew to love him more as time passes by, in one winter evening, the man would be in the mercy of the deathly cold of winter. Sylviria came and rescued his life, the both of them would be in a cabin, the man grew in love with the woman who saved his life. 

The both of them lived happily and to each other, the greatest gift of all was their love. But the humans heard reports of a man with a wife of a witch, they stormed in their home and ransacked their cabin. Sylviriac managed to escape but her husband was decapitated  and then burned by the horrific actions of the ones she protected. She would continously run and fall, she cried and cried. Mourning for the loss of her loved one.

Something sparked within Sylviria, her sorrow turned into anger, her warm heart became cold and dark, her body became darkness and her own will soon get devoured by hatred and despair. Amidst a peaceful afternoon in the village of the humans who slaughtered her loved one, she destroyed and killed every last one. Their despair and fear made her powerful which tasted to her liking, she killed more and more until many countries were almost annihilated by her wrath alone.

Minerva and Nirvana heard reports of the recent disasters happening around the world, when they go to investigate themselves they saw their youngest sister. All covered in blood and flesh, thousands of corpses surround her. They tried to reason with her but she refused to listen, the three of them clashed. Minerva slashed Siliviria's to the point that she is permanently blind. They weren't able to defeat her as she grows more power, they forged an alliance to defeat their sister.

Countless battles took place all over the world, the two sisters had the advantage and stormed the icy palace of Syliviria. The three armies clashed, the two witches would face their sister again but they were horrified to what she had become. The three clashed and defeated the young witch but she uttered her final words before dying.

"Know this, I will return to this world. And I shall destroy it until the whole world is buried in ice!" She would turn into ice herself then shatters into a million pieces, the palace would be ripped apart in a cyclone made out of heavy blizzard. Killing both the witches and their armies, the world was devoured in strife, war, and chaos until to the current point of them.

This is the tall tale of the three sisters, the third witch haven't returned yet but who knows. Maybe when the time is right, she will reveal herself to all.


The Ice Witch of the South



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