ValXAlex (Valex) is a couple between two characters Valentina and Alex.
Val and alex 13


The two people meet at North's house, where Alex was one of the Guardians, while Val was already a Guardian. They had some kind of connection and slowly evolving as a couple, but there was some trouble till then.

Val's POVEdit

Val loved Alex in the past, but when she saw his true face/identity, her heart broke. But the troubles are gone now, and Val started to love Alex again.

Alex's POVEdit

He was first Pitch henchman and was doing his work, when he realized that he does care about Val after all (and doesn't want to be his henchman again) he joined the Guardians and became Val's boyfriend.

The songEdit

(This song is very slow and romantic - High School Musical: "What I've been looking for")

Alex: It's hard to believe, that I couldn't see,

Together: You were always beside me.

Val: Thought I was alone, with no one to hold,

Together: but you were always right beside me. This feelings like no other, I want you to know. That I've never had someone that knows me like you do, the way you do. I've never had someone as good for me as you, no one like you. So lonely before I finally found, what I've been looking for.

Val: So good to be seen, so good to be heard,

Together: Don't have to say a word.

Alex: For so long I was lost, so good to be found,

Together: I'm loving having you around.

Alex: This feelings like no other, I want you to know.

Together: I've never had someone that knows me like you do, the way you do. I've never had someone as good for me as you, no one like you. So lonely before I finally found, what I've been looking for. 

What I've been looking for.

Top 5 shots Edit

Here are the top five shots, that Val and Alex told each other (in one of the role play).

10. (The practice room)

Val: Great. Now let's battle. (Goes to him and raises her stick and punch him with it.) Alex: Ouch! Val: You have to defend yourself. (Raises her stick again and punches at Alex's body everywhere.) Come on Alex, you have to do better than that. Alex: (Was almost beaten up, when he swings his stick towards her, she ducks and swings her stick towards Alex's feet, that he falls down.) Alex: Whoa! (Was on the floor, when Val quickly stoods up) Val: Your enemy won't play with you Alex. You have to defend yourself. Stand up. Alex: (Stoods up slowly and looks at her) Val: Let's try it again, and now, defend yourself. (Raises her stick and swings towards Alex, when he quickly blocks with his stick) Val: Good. (Swings in a different direction and he defends) Excellent. (Then they battled with their sticks, when Alex swings his stick towards Val and she defends herself. Then Alex raises up both of the sticks and capture Val in his hug, while his stick was blocking her run away from him.) Alex: Was that excellent too? Val: That is a good technique. (Alex comes with his face towards Val's ear) I think I am doing well for now. Val: Yeah, you are.

9. (The poem)

Val: (She came inside her room, when she saw a little letter with a red rose on her night table. She went to it and open the letter, while she sniffed the rose.) Roses are red, violets are blue, I don't know how to use this words, but I will try for you. I feel something deep in my heart and it wants to come out like lightning. I feel something that must go out, but I don't have the reason why. My heart bounces and bounces, when my eyes see you, but I have to say... everyone loves you. I know that my rhymes went off, because I didn't knew how to rhyme all of this. Your dearest and forever more, Alex

8. (Hidding from the seek-er)

Val: (Was looking for a place to hide, when she felt someone's touch on her hand thet she turns) Alex.. Alex: Follow me. I know a great hiding place. Val: Ok. (The two of them hide together- on the roof) Wow, you really hit the right hiding place. (Giggles) Alex: (Smiles) Thanks. Val: So... Alex: Do you still care for me Val? Val: What? Alex: Do you still care for me? Val: Aaaa... I do care for you... Alex: But? Val: But... as a friend. Alex: Just for a friend? No other feelings? Val: Well... (Looks at him) Alex: (Was looking at her in a soft way) What will be your answer? (Then he sees a hair on Val's face and he grabs it and place it behind her ear. When his hand came back to her chin and raises it a bit) Val: I... (Was still looking at him) Alex: (Looks at her, when was slowly coming towards her face) What's your answer? Val: (Still looking at him) I... I don't know... Alex: (Looking at her, when he was close to her lips) You don't know? (His lips were right next to hers, when Val slowly turns his face) Val: I'm sorry... I just can't... Alex: (Looking at her, then he goes with his face back) It's... okay.

7. (One down)

Alex: (Running towards a nightmare and destroying them with his black spear) Val: (Was punching the nightmares with her pink stick, when another nightmare, that was behind her, crashes her with it's feet and Val fell down) Alex: Val! (Runs at her, when he pounces the nightmare and helps Val stood up and hugs her) You ok? Val: (Was in a hug from Alex) Yes. Pitch: (Saw Alex and Val hugging and Val was showing her back towards Pitch, that he create his arrow and aims at Val's heart) Say, good bye. Alex: (When he was hugging Val, he had a six sense and looks up, where he saw Pitch with his arrow, loaded, and then Pitch released it. Alex managed to turn, and got shot by Pitch's arrow in his heart) Val: (Shocked, when she saw the black arrow in his back) Alex... (Then Alex looks at her and falls down on his knees) Alex!

6. (Tragedy)

Val: (Looks at Alex) You're gonna be alright Alex, we will heal you. Alex: (Grabs Val's hand) No... (Nods for no) You can't heal me this way... (Breath deeply and says everything quietly) Pitch... his weapon hit me in my heart... it can't be healed... Val: (Tears are coming out) What? Alex: You... can't heal... a shadow's heart... it's impossible... I have to die. Val: (Tears were running on to her cheeks) Don't say that Alex... It has to be a way... Alex: (Holds her hand) Val... I always wanted to say... that I care for you. Val... I... I... Val: (Still in a shock and her tears were running) Alex: I love y... (Then Alex's eyes closed and his hand slipped down from Val's hand) Val: Alex! Alex! (Grabs him in his arms) No, Alex! (Whispers in his ear) I love you too...

5. (Alive again)

Val: (Goes towards Symphony and goes out from the room. She could see the Guardians in a group, like they were hugging. Then the group slowly separate and Val could see Alex in the middle of them all. He was looking at Bunny, smiling at him and talking to him. Val was shocked, but her heart 'played' a romantic song.) Alex? Alex: (Was still looking at Bunny, when he heard a voice that he knew. He looks forward, where Symphony was standing, when he finally saw Val. His heart was beating and beating, like never before.) Val... Val: (Made a smile on her face and ran at him, when Alex spread his arms and Val came at the opened chest. Alex circled them both one time around. Then in his hug, they both look at each other) Alex... I love you... Alex: I know, I didn't knew at first what was going on, when... (Thinks what Val just said) Wait, what did you said? Val: (She gives Alex a kiss on the lips).

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