Valentina Love

Love has good sides as well as bad sides.


Valentina Love
Valentina Love
Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s) Val, Valentina
Age 118 (18)
Home Love Palace
Occupation(s) Guardian of Love
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Brown
Relative(s) Cupid (brother), Mother, Father
Affiliation(s) The Guardians
Allies All the Guardians
Minions Blacky, Silver
Enemies Pitch, Dark sister, Thunderhead, Eric
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Love
Weakness(es) Broken heart

No love, Fear

Equipment Love stick (or any kind of weapon)
Background Information
First Seen On this wiki
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Valentina Love is role-played by Valentin girl.

About herEdit

Valentina or Val is a new recruit in the Guardians. Unlike the others she is a romantic lover, a shy person and brave. She is a Guardian representing love to both adults and kids. She is very gentle and generous. She can create weapons with her love power, but her favorite weapon is a stick. She is well known as Valentina in Valentine's day. Her big brother is Cupid.

She is not like her brother. Her wings come up every Valentine's day and he doesn't have any power of love or can create a weapon from it like Val does. She wears her clothes all in pink, but as love has many colors, she can turn her clothes and eyes in any color she wants. Valentina loves archery and going on to adventures by herself or with her friends.

She has the power not just to find or feel love, but she gives and looks for signs of love in everybody. She is very emotional, discreet, reliable, committed, and sensitive as well. She loves to help the Guardians with some things to do, like to create hearts from colored papers and she sometimes loves kids more than adults. Val likes to cook for the Guardians as for her friends.

Her Palace is in the sky and hidden from any intruders.


Jack FrostEdit

Val's best male friend. They both love to have fun with the children. Val had a big crush on him. But then she saw Symphony and Jack together and feel something in them, so she helped them with their love.


Val sees him as a grateful, open-hearted man who likes everyone.


Is Valentina's first female friend, next to Symphony. They both had a big crush on Jack.


He is a big, fluffy, sometimes grumpy, and cute bunny. She really likes to hug him sometimes.


Val's mentor, because they have similar powers, she can create stuff as Sandy with his magic Dreamsand.


Her best best friend and the one and only friend that has Jack as her boyfriend.


Is Val's truly trustworthy, and beloved boyfriend.

Dark sisterEdit

Val's darkishly cruel copy.


Cupid is the big brother of Valentina. She calls Cupid by his name or just 'bro'.

  • Timothy
  • Phoenix
  • Jade
  • Alisa
  • Vita
  • Spiritina
  • Sib
  • Elsa
  • Mary


Timothy is Val's best adventurist friend. They always go on the adventures together, with Tim's co-worker Hades, that she likes. But sometimes she feels Tim's pain, because of his beloved sister Anna.


They two, love to -sometimes- battle each other, but in a friendship way. And like Timothy, they always go on adventures together. On the emotional side, they still feel some kind of love/attraction for each other, but they have to let it go. Even if Phoenix has a big Ego (want to show off), they are still best friends.

Spiritina, Sepehr, Sirius and Xavier, Serena, Vevina, DukeEdit

She likes to hang out with them. They are always fun.


Val helped her to see what Guardian she is in her heart and what she sees on her.


She met him once, when she was helping Timothy with his job. She dislikes him, but when she fights him, she has to be careful, because he controls and can throw lightning.


As Val loves magic, she really despises Eric, because he always hypnotizes her, when she is not ready.


Mary is Val's best friend. She always cares for her and defends by her side. She even made a little necklace for her, to feel safe, until Pitch grabbed it and took it away.


As a 'human' Fearling or she could say, Boogeyman, she hates him, when he is frightening the poor children. But she can see, that he is a loving father and husband.

Laila Edit

She met Laila long ago and took her in her Palace where Laila showed her skills to Val. After it, she started to work as a repairer of broken hearts and selling them to the humans. In a point of a time, Laila wanted to have her own business company. Valentina didn't want her to leave, as well didn't want to break her dreams and so she let her go.
  • Eric
  • Pitch

Colors of loveEdit

Some of the people know just one color for love and that is pink or red. But in Val's way, the way of the love, it has many colors representing what they mean.

Red: Excitement, passion, aggression, and desire.
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • White
  • Black

Pink: Romance, love, caring, tenderness, acceptance, and calmness.

Yellow: Joy, happiness, optimism, idealism, hope, and jealousy.

Blue: Trust, truth, stability, harmony, security, order, and loyalty.

Purple: Wisdom, royalty, nobility, spirituality, mysterious, honor, and arrogance.

Orange: Warmth, expensive and demanding of attention.

Green: Environment, healthy, good luck, generosity, inexperienced, and misfortune.

Brown: Stability, reliability, comfort, and simplicity.

Gray: Security, intelligence, modesty, dignity, sadness, and boring.

White: Purity, cleanliness, peace, and innocence.

Black: Elegance, mystery, fear, unhappiness, and remorse.


White horse Edit

Val has a pet horse. It's her favorite horse. It's white, big, has wings and a horn. His name is Blacky.

Silver Edit

Silver is a Lynx, that was given to Val by Timothy, when they were looking for a night rose in a cave. Val had a dangerous disease and when they went inside the cave, Timothy found a frozen (near dead) silver lynx, but in the end it revived itself and Val cares for him.


  • "Hi, I'm Valentina, but you can just call me Val. Everyone does."
  • (To Timothy, when he got a nervous breakdown) "It's going to be alright..... Would you please be still?!!"
  • "Oh dear God."
  • (To Phoenix, when he wanted to destroy a world) "No. I won't let you." (Comes in front of him) "You will have to go through me." (Gently grabs his weapon and raises it towards her heart) "But you will only get through me, when I die."
  • (To Symphony, when they were flying towards the Ice Cream Land) "Catch me if you can!"
  • (To Dark sister, when she wanted to destroy the love) "Sister! You won't win this fight! Because love can't be destroyed. It's in you too!"
  • (When she and Alex were dancing a slow dance) "Wow, you're really a great dancer. How come I didn't know that?" (Looks at him smiling)
  • (Val was in the practice room, where she was practicing her target) Alex: Good shot. Val: (Quickly turns her face on the right side, with her bow and arrow ready to launch, when she sees Alex, that was leaning on the wall) Alex... (Lowers her bow) You shouldn't spook me that way. Alex: I'm sorry. (Goes to her) I was just watching you, you are a great shooter. Val: Thanks. (Tenses the bow again) Do you like archery? Alex: No, not really. I've never learned it. Val: Then I will show it to you. Come here. (Then Alex went to Val, where she was standing, and she gives him her bow. Then he grabs the bow and the arrow, but in a clumsy way.) Val: Wait. I will help you. (Goes behind him and puts her left hand on his chest and lean him a bit back.) You have to be like this. (Then she puts her same hand on his hand that was on the bow and her right hand on his other hand that was grabbing the arrow.) And you have to be strong in your hand, that you will shot the arrow. Now look at the target. (Alex looks at the target) Do you have it? Alex: Yes, I do. Val: Good, now you can release the arrow. (Released it, and hits the target.) Alex: Whoa, I did it. Val: Yeah you did it.


  • Valentina's signature color is pink.
  • Her signature shape is in a shape of a heart.
  • Val's birthday is July 8th.
  • Her second favorite color is red.
  • She doesn't know who is her father.
  • She has a golden heart necklace around her neck and in it there are 2 photos, from two beloved members: Alex and Cupid. The link of the necklace is picked up on [1]
  • She can hypnotize people with her love, just if she places her hand on someone's shoulder. It can be very dangerous for the person as so to Valentina. The person will love her at any cost and says the name: Mistress. The only way, people can come back to themselves is that they need to wait till midnight and till then they cannot kiss Val. If they do, they will remain at the same state forever.
  • The person, that Val hypnotize, can have pink eyes and will protect the Mistress in every way.
  • The picture (Love Valentina..) is from here: [2]
  • Some pictures were made in Azalea dolls.
  • The intro of colors of love has the link: [3]
  • The pictures from the White Horse aka. Blacky, are from here: [4]
  • The picture from Silver are from here: [5]
  • Valentina has a slight crush on Phoenix, because he is very powerful, can do everything and his powers are from the Greek Gods.
  • Val's and Alex's shipping page is, ValXAlex
  • Here is a story from Val's past: Val's Past
  • In the role-play Injustice, Valentina is evil, she is is called Violeta and is the Guardian of Pleasure.
  • There are also two pictures of Val, designed by azuchisamurai on a request:


  • Val in Injustice, and holding a whip
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