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Biographical Information
Full Name Vevina Neville
Other Name(s) Vevi and Modern Alice (affectionate nicknames) Banshee and Bookworm (insulting names)
Age 16
Birthplace America
Home Neville Family House
Occupation(s) Guardian of Truth
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Human/White star fairy
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Silver
Relative(s) Joe and Maria (parents)

Kenny (older brother)

Affiliation(s) Guardians
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Can see worlds or the true nature of someone through the reflection of a mirror. Her necklace becomes a chain, which releases its crystals and turns to whatever she thinks.
Equipment Mirror, her necklace
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Vevina Neville is the Guardian of Truth. She is role played by Skyebreeze.

The truth lies within the heart and soul of the person.



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Vevina was born to parents, Joe and Maria Neville, who lived in a small area near a large city. She is youngest of two, with an older brother named Kenny, who is two years her senior. Vevina loved to read with one of her favorite books being, "Alice through the Looking Glass." Ever since she read that book, Vevina believed that there are other worlds out there and that mirrors reveal the truth about someone. She was near-sighted and had to wear glasses, because her parents couldn't afford to buy contacts. Her parents were constantly busy working and running their restaurant, The Rose to spend much time with Vevina and Kenny until, they decided to pass the restaurant over to their niece and nephew. By twelve, she graduated in high school and when she was fourteen, she graduated with high honors with a degree in the field of arts from college.

During her childhood, she began to develop an ability to see strange places and the true nature of people with the aid of a mirror or reflective surface. Now, after turning sixteen, her powers grew and develop more. One day, she noticed that her reflection was different from normal and then saw a face within her mirror: The Man in the Moon. A light then came out of the mirror and her appearance changed from an ordinary girl to a beautiful young lady with clear vision. Vevina can change from her normal self to what she considered her Guardian self and vice versa. After using her guardian powers, Vevina can see clearly in both forms.

Her neighbors are her older cousins, Lori and her brother Lewis with their pet cat, Garfield. No children would play with Vevina, mostly because she was considered a bookworm and they called her Banshee, because of her pale skin and silver hair. When she attended college at twelve, she befriended Annie, Marcie, Jake, May, Allison, and Joey and formed a study group during her time in college. During the study group's breaks, they watch various magic shows, one of which was the Magical Trickster, Eric Bolt. Vevina eventually met someone named Rose May and both of them struck up a friendship. Rose May revealed to be Symphony Rose Celeste in human form. Vevina eventually meets a friend of her brother's named Duke, while Kenny was taking a break from working in the kitchen. Vevina works at a cultural center, doing painting and singing Celtic music.

Moon Mirror

  • Back view
  • Front view

Mirrors can reveal many things about someone.

—Vevina to her parents, Joe and Maria

Vevina received this mirror on her twelfth birthday from her mom and dad. Her parents got the mirror from a strange man who was called the Granter of Wishes. The mirror itself is made of starglass and its frame out of starsteel, making it very durable. The mirror helps channel her powers and transforms her into her guardian self. Allows her to see a person's true nature, see an enemy's weakness, teleports herself and others to a location, and reflects attacks back at her attacker. It also reveals what happens at the very moment an event occurs. If, for some reason the mirror was separated from Vevina, it shall appear to her friends and show them what's happening to her and returns to Vevina.


Neville Family

Joe and Maria Neville

  • Vevina's parents. Maria and Joe ran a restaurant/pub called The Rose, leading them to not be at the house often and spend time with their daughter and older son until they passed it over to their niece and nephew. They were upset when Kenny was born with cataracts in his eyes and couldn't afford the surgery to remove them. Even after Kenny received the surgery after eighteen years, they still won't let him work in their business. They are supportive of Vevina's academic performances, but are afraid of her ability with mirrors. Maria's side of the family is hiding a secret: it turns out that Vevina's grandmother was a white star fairy.

Kenny Neville

  • Vevina's older brother. He is eighteen years old and was born with cataracts that left him blind for most of his life until he received surgery. He had Rusty, the family dog, as his guide dog and went to a special school for blind people. He trained his nose, ears, and hands to help him adapt in his environment until his surgery. He currently works as a part-time sculptor and a part-time chef at a restaurant different from his parents' restaurant. Vevina is very close to her older brother and feels that he is the only one in the family that understands her.

Lori and Lewis Neville

  • Vevina's cousins and the managers of The Rose. They are both twenty-one and live next to their Uncle Joe and Aunt Maria's house. Lori is the kitchen manager and Lewis is the general manager while Joe and Maria are not working at the restaurant. Lori also works at a ice cream parlor as a waitress. Lewis works as a full-time manager at The Rose and a librarian on the side.



  • Joe and Maria's friend and Vevina's babysitter. Tia takes care of Vevina and Kenny while Joe and Maria run their restaurant. However, Tia spends most of the time checking herself in any mirror, especially her large hand mirror and making sure that her make up is applied perfectly. Also, while at the house, she watches fashion shows and talks about how she can be a better model than the girls on TV. She is also a huge fan of Eric, the Magical Trickster.

Annie, Marcie, Jake, May, Allison, and Joey

  • Vevina's former classmates from college. She leads their study group for math, writing, history, and science. After a couple of hours of studying, the group and Vevina go see magic shows, one of them being The Magical Trickster, Eric. Annie, Marcie, May, and Allison are in their early 20's and they each have a crush on Eric. Marcie tries to get Eric's number, but to no avail and doesn't believe that magic is real. Jake and Joey are nineteen and twenty years old and sometimes constant pranksters around Halloween.

Eric Bolt

  • The Magical Trickster. Vevina has been to some of his magic shows over the last few years with some of her classmates. Vevina's classmates from college have a crush on Eric and Vevina would have if he wasn't thirteen years her senior. She was at first intrigued by his tricks until she noticed that Eric was using real magic to do harm to others. When Vevina looked at him through her mirror, she saw a dark magic within Eric and tries to avoid him, but can't help thinking about him until they met face to face. After Vevina became one of the new guardians, Eric kidnapped Vevina and tried to kill her by tying her down to a chair and putting a bomb on her chair, but she managed to escape and got to drop on Eric. He tried to use his card tricks, but Vevina reflected his attack. After he sent out a lion at Vevina, she used her mirror to transport the lion on top of Eric. He disappeared, but not before saying that she will be his someday. To Eric, Vevina bears some resemblance to his wife, Marriane Gloss and he is determined to find her again. With the help of a woman named Mercy, Marriane was brought back to life and has reunited with Eric.

Symphony Rose Celeste

  • Vevina's first real friend since her time in college. Vevina first met Symphony when she was in the form of a human nicknamed Rose May. As Rose May, she hanged out with Vevina so her parents wouldn't see their daughter talking to herself. As Symphony, she helps Vevina cope with her abilities and understand her job as a Guardian.


  • Vevina's brother's best friend. Vevina met him when she was visiting her brother at the restaurant that he worked at and Duke was entertaining the crowds with his magic tricks. Vevina didn't learn until later that he is one who gave her parents the mirror that she currently owns. At first, she thought Duke was full of himself and liked to flirt with other girls. Eventually, after Duke proved that he can be considerate and use his powers for good, she started to take an interest in him.



  • Joe and Maria (parents)
  • Kenny Neville (older brother)
  • Lori and Lewis Neville (Vevina's cousins)
  • Rusty (Family dog)
  • Tia
  • College students: Annie, Marcie, Jake, May, Allison, and Joey
  • Duke (Kenny's best friend and Vevina's possible love interest)
  • Hiking Vevina
  • Vevina's cold weather outfit
  • Vevina's night clothes
  • Vevina's ball gown
  • Winter garb
  • Vevina dressed as Alice
  • Vevina in black
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