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Vita Hope Chester
Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s)
Age 215 (physically 15)
Occupation(s) Guardian of Life
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Long, brown
Relative(s) Rose (sister; deceased), Lilac (mother), Aaron (father)
Affiliation(s) The Guardians
Allies The Guardians

Neva Arc
Vanessa Pearson

Enemies Pitch
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) To bring back the dead and to heal the sick and wounded.
Equipment Fists
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Vita Hope Chester is a character role-played by AnnaGudvrsven.

About herEdit

  • Height: 5'0"
  • Skin: Pale skin
  • Appearance: Wears light green dress with stockings. Has dark green ribbons in her braided hair.
  • Personality: Loud, kind, outgoing, willing to help others, protective, and loyal.
  • Rivals: Jack Frost


Vita was once a princess living in Küssendown, Germany during 1654. Until suddenly, her sister was killed in a sudden raid attack from Pitch's fearlings in 1659 at the age of 10. Vita survived along with her mother Lilac and her father Aaron. They fled Küssendown, heading for what they thought was the safest place in the world, Leuchtturm.

While living in Leuchtturm, they lived in a castle and were very well-off. Vita was sad, instead of being her usual bubbly-self. She was ashamed because she didn't protect her sister. She was taught by her mother that mistakes are mistakes, and you can live and learn from them.   


Jack FrostEdit

Vita and Jack Frost are rivals. They are constantly bickering about things of no importance.


Vita and Bunny are best friends. 

Neva ArcEdit

Vita and Neva are, surprisingly, best friends.


  • Vita can speak fluent German, Norwegian, and English.


  • "Guten tag!"
  • "Hallo!"

Family GalleryEdit

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