Biographical Information
Full Name Vulpecula
Other Name(s) Caretaker
Age Unknown
Home Temple of Shining Celestial
Occupation(s) Guardian of Expectation
Morality Good Neutral
Gender Male
Race Alpha Fox
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Dark
Affiliation(s) Guardian Alliance
Allies Guardian Alliance

Universe Office

Minions Twelve Zodiacs
Enemies Chaos Cycle
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Wisdom

Space Magic Constellation Authority

Weakness(es) Night sky
Equipment Celestial Wand
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Vulpecula is a Guardian of Expectation. He is a keeper of the Twelve Golden Gates. Member of the Universe Office. Caretaker of the Universe Traffic. He lives at the shinning star celestial road.

Appearance Edit

Vulpecula appears to be a human-like fox that wearing a hood. He has sharp teeth and small eyes. It is always smiling as he sees all. His favourite color is blue and speak in little boy tone.

Background Edit

Vulpecula is one of the alpha animals created by Universe One. Due to his great loyalty, he's been recruited and appointed as the caretaker of Universe Traffic. He is the sole survivor left of his kind. He loves children very much. He controls the movement of the star showing them where to go. This help him predict the upcoming zodiac sign fortune. Children believe in zodiac fortunes and also believe in him very much.

Story Edit

Back at the ancient time, Ancient Deity had created a human out of mud and dust. It went on and on. One day, the Deity decide to create a fox-like creature. Vulpecula was created. The first fox has been created and lived. After centuries pass, the wise fox stay by its creators side. Its wisdom result him to become a caretaker.

Upon control the movement and wave of stars & constellation, Vulpecula has a lot of free time. He begin to pay attention to the children on Earth and grow fond of them. He use his wisdom and connect the children birth to the twelve zodiac gates. The constellation movement greatly affect the children fate. He start to spread the horoscope information throughout the world. Now every children on Earth read horoscope sign monthly to know their fortune.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As an alpha creation and a caretaker, Vulpecula is very powerful. His wisdom is also what make him respect among the caretaker.

Future se-er - As a wise se-er, he reads the movement of the stars and spreads possible destiny's known as horoscope to the world.

Constellation Authority Vulpecula possess the authority to command the constellation. However not all the constellation listen to him. For example: Typhan.

Space Magic - He possess an ancient space magic. However he is never seen using it as he self claim it is too dangerous. He usually fights using his wisdom only.

Relationships Edit

Guardian Alliance Edit

He has been a supporting Guardian who remains a good relationship with the Alliance.

Rea Edit

Rea most trusted advisor due to his wisdom.

Quotes Edit

  • Children who believe in horoscope believe in me.
  • You must be a Virgo.
  • I can't see any stars tonight.

Creation Concept Edit

This Guardian is created by Jona. All copyrights goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.

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