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Biographical Information
Full Name Watcher
Other Name(s)
Age Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Home Library of Universe
Occupation(s) Guardian of Sanity
Morality Good Neutral
Gender All for One
Race Spirit
Eye Color
Hair Color All for One
Affiliation(s) Guardian Alliance
Enemies Pitch


Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Teleportation

Reality Bending

Weakness(es) Unknown
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Watcher is the Guardian of Sanity. Watcher is a group of gentle spirits group together. They are members of the Guardian Alliance. They watch, listen and whisper to children when in need. They live in the Library of Universe. Their representative is Gentleman of the Window, Woman on the Chair and Silence Statue.


Watcher appearance is nor fix. They come in all ages, all size, all gender and all race. Some of them, dress in black. Some of them have no form. Some of them dress in white. They are the lonelinest Guardians among all. They are sometime call the Uninvited or Unwelcome.


Watcher are a group of gentle spirits who died and decide to stay back and protect the children. It can be grand parent of some people or mother who didn't made it during birth deliver. They come in many ways. Not all Guardian experience super adventures and became one. They merge their existence together and become one. Their title is all for one.


Watcher divided to three factions. First, the Whisper who is always in a shadow figure. They appear anywhere and whisper to children. Some people call them Shadow people. Second type is the Observer. They dress in black suits appearing anywhere at anytime. Whenever they saw something happen, they usually appear and stand beside while children asleep and just observe. Some mistakes to be earthbound spirits who haunt child. Last one are the Listeners. They can be seen everywhere. Whenever they are stone sculptures or stone statues then they exist. When people go to shrine or church. They are always there to listen.

Due to numerous amount of watchers, three watchers are particular strong and being their leader of each group. The gentleman by the window, this man is always sitting near a window appearing out of thin air and drinking his tea. He just sits there to watch. They are also Woman on the Chair, a shadow figure of a woman appearing sitting on the chair, she is very talkative. The only watcher that gives too much information out. She is always send to attend the Guardian Alliance meeting. Last one is the Silence Statue, whenever under it's presence, all animals and insects stop making noise. It's surrounding becomes pure silence because it start to listen.

The first time they meet Jack was during Jack's intern final exam. They were the exarminators. They would decide whether Jack passed or failed. In the end, they decided he is fit for a Guardian.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The Silence Statue

As a merging million of spirit, Watcher are very powerful Guardians. They were being treat as one mind and one soul. They appear to be responsible enough for Lady in the Moon and Man in the Moon decide to give them the task of scouting new potential Guardians. They are the one who decide who was worthy to become a Guardian.

Reality Bend -  Gentleman by the Window can make windows appear out of thin air which define logic explanation. Woman on the Chair is seen as a shadow sitting on chair despite no one is sitting on the chair.

Teleportation - All Watchers possess this ability. They can appear at anywhere anytime.

Combat Skill - As their name indicate, they are only there to watch, listen and whisper. They do not usually fight and interfere. However they appear to be very strong enough to scare any monsters away upon their presence. The only time they are seen attacking is during Liarona trying to kill a child. Jack was not there in time to save the child. The Gentleman by the window trapped Liarona into a Painting by snapping his finger only.


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Woman On the Chair


Watcher is the only Guardian who Pitch did not dare to interfere.

Jack Frost Edit

Jack is confused around them. They always speak in riddles.



Gentleman by the Window

MIM appears to trust them very much. He sometimes visit them for information.


  • Druid is not qualified.
  • You are not worthy of becoming a Guardian.
  • We are here to watch.
  • We are everywhere.
  • It's ok, we are fine being alone.
  • We seen all, we know all, and we are not allowed to intefere directly. Just a llittle hint here and there.

Creation ConceptEdit

Guardian Create by Jona. Original photo goes to its rightful owner. Please do comment.


The photo come from [1]

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