Biographical Information
Full Name Wendy of the Wind
Alias None
Other Name(s) None
Age 314
Occupation(s) Guardian
Morality Good
Gender Female
Eye Color Light blue
Hair Color White
Relative(s) None
Affiliation(s) Guardians
Allies Guardians, Emily Earth
Minions None
Enemies Pitch Black
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Wind manipulation
Weakness(es) Smoke
Background Information
First Seen TBA
Last Seen TBA
Voice Actor(s) TBA

History Edit

Wendy got her powers shortly before Jack Frost and saw him die. After receiving permission from the moon, she helped raise him out of the water using the wind. wendy tried to introduce herself to Jack on multiple occasions, each time remembering that she can’t be seen, just like the wind. So she helped him. With her wind she gave him the power to fly. Over time, she developed a slight crush on Jack. Wendy became an official guardian after the events of the movie, when The Man in the Moon decides she is worthy. After receiving her new status, it seems that she can be heard and felt by the other guardians and children who believe. 

Appearace Edit

Wendy has chin length, fluffy, white hair and extremely light blue eyes. She typically wears a medium length white dress.

Personality Edit

Wendy is very distant, and doesn’t make friends easily. However, she treasures her few friends greatly.

Relationships Edit

Jack Frost Edit

Wendy, in a way, guards Jack. She helps him by making him fly. Jack was her first friend as a Guardian and she has a bit of a crush on him.

Emily Earth Edit

Emily and Wendy aren’t very close, but they are still allies.

Triva Edit

  • Wendy is based off a head canon that Jack was calling to someone when he called the wind.
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