Westenra Hunter 3
Biographical Information
Full Name Westenra Hunter
Alias Westen
Other Name(s)
Age 22
Birthplace Romania
Home Romania
Occupation(s) Vampire Hunter
Morality Neutral
Gender Male
Race Formerly Human,

Currently Vampire

Eye Color Formerly Gray,

Currently, Red

Hair Color Black or dark brown
Relative(s) Ivan Hunter (father, deceased)

Catherine Hunter (mother, deceased)

Allies Lorelei Harker
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Manipulate shadows and other vampiric abilities
Equipment Crossbow and a couple long swords
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Westenra "Westen" Hunter is Lorelei's partner in battle and love.


In a remote mountain within Romania, there was a city with both humans and vampires living together ruled by vampire queen. Vampires would occasionally feed off on their human neighbors and rarely there has been some mating between the two different species. The Vampire Queen appears a sixteen year girl, but is centuries old and is very spoiled who takes young attractive men, especially humans to give her pleasure, but longs for a more permanent mate.

Westenra Hunter was born as a human to the Queen's human Captain of the Guard, Ivan Hunter and his wife, Catherine. Westen's childhood was rocky to say the least with growing up around vampires and humans living in tension. When Westen was seven, his mom, suddenly became ill from a mysterious disease and passed away, leaving his dad, Ivan, to raise him as a single father. As he was growing up, Westen learned from his father about how to fight with specialized weaponry that can combat vampires and other supernatural beings.

One day, Westen meets a twelve year old girl named Lorelei Harker through his father, Ivan. Ivan was searching for a tree for the queen when he meets Lorelei, gathering firewood, after helping each other, Ivan invited her into his home for visits since the laws in the city would not allow Lorelei not to live with him unless she has no family, but she had an aunt and uncle living there. Westenra is polite and quite a gentleman, regardless of who he meets, but is fiercely loyal to his family and friends, so he will fight to defend them. When he was nineteen, Ivan, his father, passed away from old age, leaving him to carry on the Hunter family name and assisiting Lorelei on her fight against those who threaten her life.

Three years later, at twenty-two, Westenra was pretty much Lorelei's partner and eventually proposed to her after being together for several years. However, the queen would not allow anyone in the city to marry them since the Queen wanted him and that Lorelei is a vampire-fairy hybrid. One day, during a fight against a witch, Westen was injured, trying to protect Lorelei and she feared that she would lose the man she loves. Knowing that she has vampiric blood in her veins, Westenra asked Lorelei to turn him into a vampire, which she does eventually agrees to do. As a vampire, Westenra has the powers a vampire possesses and a few other abilities as well.


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