Zalty is a mythical waker of sleep. He is the Guardian of Punctuality. He lives in Island of Waking Salt. Frienemy of Sandy and Pitch. Acquaintances of Guardian Alliance.

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Biographical Information
Full Name Zalty
Other Name(s) Awake Caller
Age unknown
Home Island of Waking Salt
Occupation(s) Guardian of Punctuality
Morality Good Neutral
Gender Male
Race Elemental
Eye Color Black
Hair Color
Affiliation(s) Guardian Alliance
Allies Guardian Alliance
Minions Roaster
Enemies Pitch
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Salt [pwer
Weakness(es) Awake
Equipment Salt gun
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)


Zalty appears to be similar height with Sandy. He appear to be a boy in his 11 years. He is a salt entity. His clothes and hood are made of sack and it appear to be a zip on his cloth. He is always seem jumping in a sack full of salt.


Zalty, Pitch and Sandy has a complicated history. Sandy puts children to sleep. Pitch put children into nightmares. Zalty wakes children from sleep. Zalty sometimes helps Sandy indirectly by saving children from nightmares. He also wakes children up from good dreams.


Zalty helps children who are late for school. He wakes children by letting children smell the salt. Early in the morning, Zalty jumps around in his sack from house to house. He leaves salt by the bedside. By smelling the salt, children will awake from their sleep.

At some point of the time, Pitch captured Zalty. This stopped children from waking up from their nightmare or most of them wake up late to school. In the end, he was rescued by Guardian Alliance.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As in a three way relationship of Pitch and Sandy, it indicates that he is equal powerful with them.

Rock Salt - His salt appears to repel evil. Evil is said to be scared of rock salt. He is seem to circle the childrens bed with salt, forming a barrier against evil.

Jumping - He seems to be able to jump in his sack from house to house.

Alarm Manipulation - Zalty can control alarms and make it ring.

Rooster Minion - He is the king of roaster. When he arrives, the roaster will crow to welcome him.


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Guardian AllianceEdit

After they save him, he became an ally with them.

Sandy Edit

He and Sandy are old friends. They become dependent of each other.

Pitch Edit

At first, he though Zalty is his ally but turn out he is just doing his duty.


  • Wakie wakie.
  • Time for school.
  • Awake from your slumber.  

Creation ConceptEdit

Guardian Created by Jona. No Copyright. I draw him myself.

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