Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s) Bark (first name)
Age 14 (or the same as Phoenix)
Birthplace Phoenix's mind
Home In nightmares, graveyards...
Occupation(s) Spirit/Guardian of Death and Chaos
Morality Evil
Gender Male
Race Imaginary friend - human
Eye Color Silver
Hair Color Black
Relative(s) Phoenix
Allies Phoenix (formally)
Minions None
Enemies Phoenix Nova (currently)

Valentina, Ember, Blake, Aaron, Mallory, Jace, Alex

Powers and Abilities
Equipment Dark sword
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Zorath was supposed to be Phoenix Nova's best friend, but ends up being his enemy. He is role played by Ironman01.

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In the past, when Phoenix's parents were murdered, in the next year, Phoenix created an imaginary friend, so that he wouldn't be alone and have a best friend. Zorath was his friend for a while, but seeing his powers he recognized that the two of them were practiacally Gods and with the powers that they have, they could rule the world and kill the humans for sport. The people should be begging them for protection and praying to them, but when he told his plan to Phoenix, his friend refused.

After then he tried to whip out humanity, when Phoenix came to him and tried to talk over it, but Zorath attacked him. They both fight greately, but as we know, evil always lose and so did Zorath. Because of the destruction Zorath made, his friend locked him up in his mind.

In some years he escapes his prison and was first seen by Valentina Love.

About him Edit

He has pale skin, black messy hair, silver eyes, a black buisness suit, brown pants, dark brown shoes and dark blood red powers.

His first name was Bark, but when he became more evil, he changed his name to Zorath, because the name represented himself.

Zorath 1


Recently he discovered that he can care for a person, that he fell in love. The name of his love person is Annabel the Vampiress. They've meet a few years ago at a church, where he saw that she was killing innocent people, and Zorath made a thrown out of the dead bodies for her, and she liked it.

He lives now in everyones nightmares, anywhere there is death and mostly cemeterys.

Relationships Edit

Phoenix Edit

I hate him. He stops me from wiping out life.

Valentina Edit

Her love disgusts me. She always talks about hope and love, it is sickening.

Ember Edit

Annoying little brat.

Blake Edit

He would make a perfect apprentice.

Mallory, Aaron, Jace Edit

Ahhh so full of innocence and hope. It makes me sick and want to give them a teddy bear that rips their faces off.

Alex Edit

I hate how he has fear powers but is good.

Johnathon Strider Edit

No comment.

Quotes Edit

  • I will destroy all life. Even if it kills me.

Trivia Edit

  • Zorath's birthday is the same day as Phoenix's - 5 June.
  • His signature color is black/grey.
  • Phoenix's parents died when he was 5, and he created Zorath when he was 6.
  • Zorath is seemly powerful then Phoenix - 20 times more powerful.
  • Zorath could escape Phoenix's mind, because his friend was more focusing on thinking about Valentina.
  • When Zorath was created, he was the same age as Phoenix.
  • The made up picture was created in Azaeladolls.
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